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  1. kevin1807

    Ghost plane

    hello, I have always 2 ghost plane at the departure airport and then with any airport in any country. They don't move and they stay everytime on visual. Have you an explication and answer please? Thank you, Kevin
  2. I've te latest version of FSUIPC (4.948). This the screenshot, i've no date and time... http://www.casimages.com/i/151207064411781977.jpg.html
  3. In the past, the connection was possible and FSC isn't blocked by the firewall. Also, when I'm not connect with IVAO, I've all traffic on FSC but when I'm connect to IVAO, I've just the traffic on the ground on FSC, but when the planes take off, they disapear on FSC. It's strange because I see the plane since the cockpit and they are visible on the TCAS... Thank you for your help ;) Kevin
  4. Hello, I've always this problem since few months. I've reinstall FSC and IVAP but The message is here yet... Kevin.
  5. Hello, First i'm sorry for my badly english :) I've this problem: when I want to download "Online / IVAO / donwload current IVAO data", I've this message : Error reading in Online File! Download the file again! Have you got a solution? Thank you very much! Kevin 1- FSX 2- fsuipc 4.853 3-FSC 9.6 Rev.3 Build 25 june 2015 4- download version on the website simmarket 5-Windows 7 64 bit
  6. Hello, First, i'm sorry for my bad english... My problem's I've no traffic in flight but I've traffic on ground. The traffic is OK on the ground but when the plane take off, it disappeard suddenly. Do you know why? Thank you very much, Kevin
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