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  1. Many addons use custom code outside of the default. It would be impossible for FSUIPC to include a list of everything for every addon. 

    I expect the Vulcan fuel panel uses a mixture of default and custom code. You'll probably need to write some simple custom code yourself to interface with Iris code. 

    Have a look at LINDA (https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/424-linda

    That may make assigning the switches easier and it includes an excellent tracer to  find out what actually happens when switches etc are operated. 

  2. Hi Pete,

    I'm using FSUIPC 5.122a in P3d 4.1. I have controllers disabled in P3d which stops the built-in mouselook from working, so I've enabled it in FSUIPC instead. Works fine, but it's rather sensitive. Is there any way to reduce the sensitivity? I've look in the docs but couldn't see anything. Just wondered if there is an undocumented option, or maybe I just missed something.


  3. Hi Pete,

    Using FSUIPC 5.113 in P3d

    There seems to be a possible bug in FSUIPC positioning of the green message window (used for ATIS etc). Each time P3d is run and the message window opened it's positioned further down the screen.

    I see the location is held in the FSUIPC.ini, and this value is changed when P3d is exited. Here's the relevant part from 3 successive runs:

    [Window.Message Window]
    Docked=186, 1798, 15850, 261
    Undocked=8, 661, 1894, 78
    [Window.Message Window]
    Docked=304, 2720, 15833, 261
    Undocked=8, 661, 1894, 78
    [Window.Message Window]
    Docked=423, 3642, 15816, 261
    Undocked=8, 661, 1894, 78

    Each time P3d was run and the ATIS window opened, then the sim was exited. If I run P3d without opening the ATIS (or anything that uses that window) then there is no change to the entries in the .ini.

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