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  1. Pete, sorry to bother with this, but before I spend a grand for a secondcomputer I need to know.........using FSX and fswide, will all my hardwarethat would connect to the USB ports and hubs on the client computer run over fswide,or do I need to have the USB hardware on the primary computer. Thanks somuch. (Full size 737 cockpit - FSX)Don Adsitt
  2. oboyoberta

    Lua Kill question

    Thank you Pete, that was a big help. Don
  3. I was intrigued by one of your post pete about using LUA for playing sound. I have a hardware piece made of 15 mom switches. Each switch when presse will play a announcement when pressed. Each switch has its own LUA and the Buttons are selected in FSUIP. They all work fine - sort of. (im not a programmer) but have created a script to run a sound file in a loop and will run in conjuction with a timer, and works fine. However, If I wanted to play a different announcment, I cannot stop the current sound from playing. I choose a seperate button and selected LUAKILLALL, but it does nothing- except kill the timer, but not the sound file. I'm quite confused about the luakillall, luakill (running lua script). Like I said, all the sounds will play (once) but if I select a different button, while one sound is playing, it will play the sound over the top of the running sound. Pete, I have looked over the LUA documentation and tried many variations, but not being a programmer, I'm sure I'm missing something. Any help would be most appreciated. (I know how often you chastise people for not putting enough effort in and I have spent will over a week on this one problem without success) Thank you, and we all are so appreciative of your availability in helping us with our cockpit builds. Don Each buttons Lua is just simple : ref sound.play("safety") This is the script I use for the timer and loop. ref = sound.playloop("safety") lastTimeProcessed = os.clock() function IsTimeToProcess(currentTime) span = currentTime - lastTimeProcessed if span >=30 then lastTimeProcessed = currentTime return true end return false end while true do if IsTimeToProcess(os.clock()) then sound.stop(ref) end end
  4. I just wanted to get back to you and say thanks. That did it. Thank you for replying so quickly. Don
  5. Open cockpits io cards in and outputs are correct. The Sioc script is below. When Ifly fsx is loaded, and I cause a failure in the ifly failures menu, the sixpack, nor caution lighs activate. Fsuip says it's connected. Looking at the script, and comparing it with a list of offsets in the PDF file, I cannot find an offset for 9400, 9420. Are these valid offsets. I'm using the latest (paid) fsuip. I am lost at this point as why the hardware wont connect. Thanks, Don Adsit Var 1000, name command, Link FSUIPC_INOUT, Offset $9400, Length 2 Var 1050, name warning_1, Link FSUIPC_INOUT, Offset $9420, Length 1 { &F_WARN_L = TESTBIT &warning_1 ,0 &MC_WARN_L = TESTBIT &warning_1 ,1 &FLTCONT_L = TESTBIT &warning_1 ,2 &IRS_L = TESTBIT &warning_1 ,3 &FUEL_L = TESTBIT &warning_1 ,4 &ELEC_L = TESTBIT &warning_1 ,5 &APU_L = TESTBIT &warning_1 ,6 &OVHT_L = TESTBIT &warning_1 ,7 } Var 1051, name F_WARN_L, Link IOCARD_OUT, Device 82, Output 11 // Fire_Warning_Light_s Var 1052, name MC_WARN_L, Link IOCARD_OUT, Device 82, Output 12 // Master_Caution_Light_s Var 1053, name FLTCONT_L, Link IOCARD_OUT, Device 82, Output 13 // Warning_FLT_CONT_Light_s Var 1054, name IRS_L, Link IOCARD_OUT, Device 82, Output 14 // Warning_IRS_Light_s Var 1055, name FUEL_L, Link IOCARD_OUT, Device 82, Output 15 // Warning_FUEL_Light_s Var 1056, name ELEC_L, Link IOCARD_OUT, Device 82, Output 16 // Warning_ELEC_Light_s Var 1057, name APU_L, Link IOCARD_OUT, Device 82, Output 17 // Warning_APU_Light_s Var 1058 name OVHT_L, Link IOCARD_OUT, Device 82, Output 19 // Warning_OVHT_Light_s Var 1200, name PB_MAFIRE, Link IOCARD_SW, Device 82, Input 1 { IF &PB_MAFIRE = 1 { &command = 564 } } Var 1201, name PB_MACAUT, Link IOCARD_SW, Device 82, Input 2 { IF &PB_MACAUT = 1 { &command = 1179 } } Var 1202, name PB_SIXPACK_CAP, Link IOCARD_SW, Device 82, Input 3 { IF &PB_SIXPACK_CAP = 1 { &command = 1180 } }

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