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  1. Pete, Thank you. Hmm, would there be a means to adapt my mouse macros so that keys operate whatever the currently selected view ? Ps : I'm not fond of the virtual cockpit because, at least on the F-1 ATR 72-500, the pixels are less precise .. (I'm a real world ATR qualified pilot and would very much appreciate if I can improve my Fsuipc)
  2. Dear Pete, My FSX is running on Windows 7. I've made a few Mouse macros that work really fine with the F1 ATR. I've thus used your FSUIPC with great delight for more than 1 year from now. I nevertheless realize these days that they work only if my (main?) F/O (or Captain) Cockpit View is activated. Once I use the mouse to activate another window (example OverHeadPanel) for whatsoever reason, the Keys unfortunately no not work any longer. For them to work again, I have to click first on the (main?) cockpit window to "activate" it. Do you understand and have the solution to have the Keys stil working whatever be the "active" window ??
  3. Dear ark, The tool you have developped is a -wonderfull- one. I'm a real ATR pilot and NPC is delightfull for me. 1 question : Will the latest V 2.2 be of some interest for working with the Flight1 ATR72-500 ? Or should I ignore it, going on with what I have configured through V 1.1 ?