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  1. Hi Pete, FS2020 has broken up aircraft.cfg into several files The ... Effectiveness = entries are in flight_model.cfg. However for the 787 and some other "premium" aircraft these files are hidden and apparently considered proprietary -- no doubt because PMDG & Quality Wings are dying to use their tunings (??!! 🙂). I thought more about your comments on the control issue -- perhaps you might consider adding flatter slopes to FSUIPC. If the flattest is now 15, maybe up to 20 or even 25. Fielder: I've found that you can set up a controller profile with only buttons assigned - no control surfaces. You might have to assign at least one button to get the controller profile to be accepted. Also, what happens if you just select "Keyboard" on the "Controls" menu? Also, when you save a controller profile I think it is assigned a new name -- so you can try choosing "default." FS2020 doesn't recognize my ancient joystick by default - if it recognizes yours by default just edit it to remove all but one entry. Mike
  2. Pete, thanks for your thoughtful response. But it is exactly a greater ratio of movement of the joystick to movement of control surface that I need (mainly elevators & ailerons)! I find the airliners to be way too sensitive on pitch, even with the most flat FSUIPC curve. If you haven't already, try flying the ASOBO 747-8 (there's a stock flight setup for landing at JFK 31L) -- I would really appreciate your input on that aircraft and other native MSFS airliners. Mike
  3. Hi Thomas, thanks for the tip! It certainly does work, and has the desired effect of reducing the overall effectiveness of the elevators and ailerons. John, it may sound odd, but with my venerable Microsoft Sidewinder joystick and the oversensitivity of flight surfaces, especially in the ASOBO 748 and 78X, I don't need the full range of motion for ailerons and elevators. I never had this problem in FSX (using FSUIPC), but then again I almost never used default aircraft. Almost always PMDG 777, 744 and 8, 737, QW 787. Mike
  4. Hi John & Pete, I suggest a new function, overall sensitivity for each axis. Several of the aircraft are overly sensitive, especially on Pitch and Roll. I have experimented with the curves/slopes you provide (and those now available in MSFS2020) but I have been unable to obtain satisfactory results. You provide settings that allow me to make a given axis MORE sensitive - for example -16383 elevator output at a joystick input of -12000. But I would like to be able to set Joystick elevator INPUT to 16383, with a joystick elevator output of 12000, that is joystick has LESS effect. AFAIK this is not currently possible. I think there is a problem in FS2020 with oversensitivity not seen in previous versions (I have used FSUIPC in FS9 & FSX for years and it was more than adequate.) Something called Joystick Curves, https://www.xedocproject.com/joystickcurves.html makes this possible,and works for me with some complexities. It was recommended on AVSIM here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/583617-improving-control-sensitivities-with-joystick-curves/ I have a post at AVSIM that recommends FSUIPC7 for the joystick buttons, as Joystick Curves does not appear to have a way to configure the buttons. But I would much prefer to do everything through FSUIPC7. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/584021-improving-control-sensitivities-with-joystick-curves-ii/ Thank you for getting FSUIPC for MSFS 2020 out so quickly! Mike777
  5. Hi, Pete, Thanks for your response. I am hoping you might give me some insight as to how to fix this problem. The PMDG 777 and NGX have not changed for quite awhile. I didn't fly the Level-D much in my original Steam setup, but in my FSX Box setup I flew it a great deal. Never saw frequent long pauses owing to Autosave or anything else on any of these aircraft (I flew the 777 and NGX a great deal in Steam when it was part of a dual install). There is now an update for the Level-D but I am not using it since it is for Windows 10 and/or P3D. The problem appears to have started -- but intermittently -- when I got rid of my dual install and installed FSX Steam as a single install (on same D: drive, an SSD). I used the Flight1 registry tool after installation. So: I would appreciate any insight on how FSX Steam (now a single install) saves files, and whether there is some FSX module involved that might need replacing or some related setting that might need adjusting. Do you have any idea what would have changed SimConnectStallTime to 20 (I couldn't have done it since I never knew about this setting until I started reading through your forum)? Do you have any other thoughts on where to pursue this issue? Possibly PMDG forums but it also affects the Level-D, and the PMDG aircraft I'm using haven't changed for awhile - gauge dlls are from 2015. FSX forums on Avsim? Thanks again, Mike
  6. Hi Peter, I have been using registered FSUIPC and particularly Autosave for years with advanced aircraft with no problems other than occasional micropauses (so I increased the time between saves to 300 seconds). For the last week or so I have had many long pauses that appear to accompany autosaves (by looking at the time on the saved file during a pause). This is happening with the PMDG 737/NGX, PMDG 777, and Level-D 767. Toward the end of the flight the pauses seem to become longer. I know you discourage using Autosave with these aircraft, but I have been flying them for a long time with no problem until recently. I use FSX Steam, in a single install, but I used to have a dual install. The problem may coincide with uninstalling the dual install and then installing Steam alone (note: all the Steam folders now have their normal FSX names and the files are saved to them as they should be). Both the current and previous installations of Steam were/are on my D: drive, which is a 500GB SSD. But the files are saved on C: which is a 500GB normal hard drive. I defragged C: and ran chkdsk on it (no errors found) but the problem didn't go away. I have the following addons: Active Sky Next and fullscreen.ahk (I always run in windowed mode -- this addon converts the appearance to full screen). I have other addons, but the problem happens when they are not running, and probably happens without ASN. I have FSUIPC version 4.966c. The problem went away for a few flights when I updated from a previous version (not sure which, but I update fairly frequently) but now it's back. I also noticed that SimConnectStallTime was set to 20 after the most recent update (but it might have been there earlier). I didn't do this as I only found out about this setting a day or so ago by reading posts in your forum. Setting it back to 1 didn't fix the problem. I use FSUIPC for ailerons, elevators, rudder and throttles on all the above aircraft and the joystick axes are disabled for these functions in FSX. As a side note, recently there have been occasional deletions/rebuilding of the controls.xml file and I have to restore it from a backup. System is Windows 7 64, I7-200 series, NVidia 560M, 6GB memory, Qosmio laptop. Thanks very much, Mike
  7. Hi, Gaétan, I am assuming that you are running FSC on the same machine as FSX:SE. When you look at the FSC Database Manager window, after you select your FSX:SE path in the window on the left, is the correct scenery.cfg path showing in the window on the right? The path should be something like C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX. You can check by navigating to that folder and finding the scenery.cfg file there. Make sure that it has the correct scenery.cfg file. (Note that there are several scenery.cfg files in various places in FSX, but only one is used. The correct location is explained in the FSC manual). You can do this by opening it with notepad. Scroll through it and see if it has entries for all your addon scenery. Also, check if you have a separate FSX:SE entry at path C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX-SE . If so, that could be the problem. I discussed how to deal with this earlier in this thread, in post #7, option 1) or option 2). Hi, Por930, You need to have your addon scenery installed in your FSX:SE (Steam version) for it to show up there and for FSC to read it. In your situation, you need to install ORBX YBBN in the Steam version, not just in the "real" (boxed) version. Since you apparently have both versions of FSX installed, you will need to follow one of the workarounds I gave in post #7 above to get FSC to find your scenery. Mike
  8. Hi Geoff and everyone, FSC should work on a Windows 8 machine w FSX:SE if that is the only version of FSX on the computer (and there is nothing left in the registry from an install of FSX:MS-Box version). In that case FSX:SE uses the same folder and file names as FSX:MS (and AFAIK all the folders are same in Windows 8 as in Windows 7). It is only with a dual FSX:MS and FSX:SE on the same computer that FS Commander won't find all the correct folders and files. Mike
  9. Hi, Volker, I have FSC 9.6 working with FSX Steam version. I have a dual install of FSX:MS (Microsoft boxed version) and FSX:SE (Steam version). This causes Steam to install using different names for some folders, including the all-important C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX . Steam names it ....FSX-SE. However there are some workarounds that make FSC work. 1) rename/backup the scenery.cfg file in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX and then copy the scenery.cfg file from C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX-SE to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX. After runing FSCDBManager, remove the scenery.cfg file copied from C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX-SE, and then reinstall the FSX:MS scenery.cfg file that you have backed up. 2) rename C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX to something else. This will cause FSCDBManager to ask where to find the scenery.cfg file instead of automatically finding the original C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX location. Point it to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX-SE. 3) For a network install, instead of using FSCFSXCFG.exe to copy the scenery.cfg file to the top level of FSX:SE, do it manually. Go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX-SE, copy the scenery.cfg file to the top level of FSX:SE. (It will probably ask if you want to overwrite the scenery.cfg file already there. Choose an option that keeps both files). Then rename the newly copied scenery.cfg to scenerycfg.fsc so that the networked FSCDBManager can read it. Run FSCDBManager. Volker, two points: A) I believe none of these problems exist for someone with a clean install of FSX:SE, and no trace of FSX:MS. This is because with a FSX:SE only install, I believe, the installer keeps the same file names as FSX:MS and FSCDBManager will find them as it normally does. I believe FSC is already working fine w/ a clean install of FSX:SE, but I'm not sure since I have a dual install. B) You could made a small change to FSCDBManager, so that when it automatically locates C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX, the user would still have the option of changing it. Right now it can't be changed if it finds C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX. All the user would have to do is point it to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX-SE instead. This would make it easy for the user to point the FSCDBManager to the correct folder. This would eliminate the more complicated procedure I described in 2) above. Mike
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