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  1. Many thanks jabloomf1230 that was very helpful :) Rob
  2. Good day everyone, I was wondering if anyone out there is using MT6 with P3Dv4? I know the developer has taken time away to help him convalesce, and I wish you a speedy but full recovery Burkhard. But I hoped one of the community might be able to answer this question :) Regards Rob
  3. Thanks Neal, Yes I did follow that guide before posting and I have tried it both was with trafficAircraft.bgl turned off (Passive) and with it on. Either way it doesn't alter the injected Airtraffic. Below will be my config file, I have compared the MT6 entry with the one in my FSX config and they are identical. Here is my Simobjects.cfg Rob [Entry.0] PATH=I:\Realair\SimObjects\Airplanes TITLE=RealAir Turbine Duke V2 ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false [Entry.1] PATH=SimObjects\Airplanes TITLE=Default Airplanes ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.2] PATH=SimObjects\Avatars TITLE=Default Avatars ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.3] PATH=SimObjects\Rotorcraft TITLE=Default Rotorcraft ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.4] PATH=SimObjects\GroundVehicles TITLE=Default Ground Vehicles ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.5] PATH=SimObjects\Boats TITLE=Default Boats ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.6] PATH=SimObjects\Animals TITLE=Default Animals ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.7] PATH=SimObjects\Misc TITLE=Default Misc ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.8] PATH=SimObjects\Submersible TITLE=Default Submersible ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.9] PATH=SimObjects\Weapons TITLE=Default Weapons ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.10] PATH=SimObjects\Countermeasures TITLE=Default Countermeasures ACTIVE=true [Entry.10] Title=MyTraffic Path="H:\My Tarffic Pro\MyTraffic\Aircraft" Required=False Active=True REQUIRED=true [Entry.11]
  4. Hi everyone, Like others I seem to be having a issue with seeing AI in P3D, I have gone through the recommended instal procedure and that doesn't seem to have made any difference. Let me just run through my set up and what I have done so far. I currently run a duel install of FSX-SE and P3D, they are both on there own dedicated SSD drives. Windows 10 is on its own SSD as well! I installed MT6 on to the FSX-SE drive (H) and run through localising the files and installing the scenery I to FSX-SE scenery library. I tested the install in FSX-SE and had loads of traffic at airports. I then localised the files for P3D pointing them to the instal drive of FSX-SE, I then add MT6 to the P3D scenery library. I load up P3D and I don't see any traffic. I have checked the folders.txt, I have the path's to MT6 and FSX-SE listed and are correct and two lines down I have the correct path to P3D. I have double checked the scenery .cfg file to make sure It's correct for P3D, which it is. I have also tried a full uninstal and then installed it again, taking time to follow the install instructions to the letter. All of which haven't improved things! I'm hopping someone can offer something further to try as I have currently run out of ideas to try. many thanks Rob ++++ UPDATE++++ I copied a Aircraft from the MT6 aircraft and put it in the Simobjects aircraft along with the texture folder and I can now see that aircraft? I am guessing that P3D isn't seeing the aircraft for some reason. I have double checked all the path to files and folders and they are correct.
  5. I have just tried as recommended here, I started with the file and process exclusions. Now I only have a small stutter during save phases! I then did the FSX file deletion and now my files are being deleted after the set amount and now I have just done the PMDG and that works fine. I just need to work out what file and extensions I need to do for the Aerosoft a320 and I should be sorted! I hope :) Thank you to you all for working on this and if anyone knows the extensions I need to add for the Bus then please could yo let me know :) Cheers Rob
  6. Hi Pete, I select yes and Steam just closes, it will not load any further, if I select no then it loads but with out FSUIPC. I have tried three times and tried twice more after a full shutdown and restart. This is what I had this morning, to over come it I had to roll back windows and put back my earlier version of FSUIPC then I could load normally. Just used the latest installer, I get the warning now and when I click yes it loads FSX with FSUIPC, it was the outdated installer that was the issue. Regards Rob
  7. Hi Pete, After I restarted FSX I got this error and it closed please find attached details. Regards Rob Error after sim restart.zip
  8. Hi Pete, Here is the file you requested, and to confirm that the listed deleted files still remain on my system and were not removed Regards Rob Pete 4.944f.zip
  9. Hi Pete, Sorry I think I'm trying to do to many things st once here :) So the latest installer I can download from your site install it and just insert my current registered version detail to unlock the full version, am I understanding you correctly? As for the post with FSUIPC not working with steam and path errors here is the link to the post :) http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?288129-FSUIPC-not-working-with-FSX-Steam Cheers Rob
  10. Hi Pete, Yes it's installed and I can see entries going in the log file, once I have finished the flight I will post the log for you. With regards to the latest release what sort of cost is involved in the latest release. Plus I have just seen a post regarding FSUIPC not working with Steam, I have the same path to file errors they had. I will upload the file soon. Rob
  11. Hi Pete, Right I have my system back to where everything works, i will copy that file over now. As for the installer I am currently using the one that I had the day I installed it which was 4.939t, does that make sense? Or am I looking at the wrong info for version number? Rob
  12. Morning Pete, I have downloaded that file and installed as per instructions, but now I get a warning that FSinsider as detected and issue with FSUIPC and just shuts FSX Steam. I can not do anything to correct that issue at the moment, I am having to restore my PC to a earlier position. I tried re-installing FSUIPC and the installer fails and just says that it has detected a different version of FSX and then just stops. Regards Rob
  13. Okay Pete I'll keep the current .dll in place, if I can help with further testing just shout :) Rob
  14. Morning Pete, Oh well it looks like manual deletes it is then, let's hope over time MS iron out this OS. So just to clarify should I now revert back to my previous FSUIPC.dll? Regards Rob
  15. Hi Pete, I have to admit that since the Win10 update the whole process of flying the PMDG 737 isn't as pleasent as it once was, the freezing is a nightmare. I have been flying the Aerosoft A320 as that doesn't freeze like that at all. I hope that it gets resolved in some way. Anyway, just flown a flight with a default Cessna 172, and when I landed I had 8 save files, so its not deleting them not even with the default planes. I have attached the error log for this flight, I hope it helps. Regards Rob Pete.zip
  16. Hi Pete, I have just run a flight and it has not deleted the files again, please find attached the file I hope you need for checks. Regards Rob Pete.zip
  17. Hi Peter, I have attached a zip file which contains two pictures of my FSX Simulators files which is the my document folder, There are two pictures, one from last night (Tuesday) when I was in the PMDG 737, and I flew the A2A Comanche this morning and that is the one marked as Wednesday on the flight date . Here is the contents of my FSUIPC Auto safe information [AutoSave] Next=5 Interval=600 Files=6 SaveOnGround=No AutoSaveEnabled=Yes 1=Wed 110529 2=Wed 111528 3=Wed 112528 4=Wed 113527 5=Wed 104530 6=Wed 105529 ​ I hope this helps Pete Regards Rob Attachments_2015916.zip
  18. I just wanted to add that I can confirmn that my system does the same as Aviator1979, I have my auto set configured to save 6 points. Yesterday morning I deleted around 50 FLT files, I flew last night with no errors or crashes and I have just checked my files to find I have 9 saved FLT files. I was flying the PMDG 737 with ASN and REX, with VoxATC.. I only add this in case it has any baring on the saving of files. Windows 10 upgrade and running it on FSX steam. Regards Rob
  19. Thanks Pete, Yes I did turn on auto save it was just one many great selling points of your FSUIPC :) I was just wanted see if I could halt the temporary freezing as the save occurred. I will wait to see if windows updates in the future and sorts this out. On another note, is there a way to auto delete some of the old saved flights in the Aerosoft and PMDG, and maybe only keep the last 4 flights? Sorry if this is a slight change in topic, I'm not wiz kid so if there's a simple way of achieving this it would be great :) Regards Rob
  20. Hi everyone, Just wanted to say that I am also having this issue, but it appears only to be with the PMDG 737ngx, Peter said PDMG this was coming for there own internal save to cause this, can't it be turned off? Just until win10 sorts itself out :) Rob
  21. Hi everyone, yes me posting again ;) I am a little confused, I have set up MT6 and it seems to be working a treat. My slider in the FSX section is set to low but seem to get a fair amount of aircraft on a airfield. Now when people talk about ajusting the traffic sliders are we referring to the one that's under the setting section OR the one you access via the settings and then Custom button. I tweeted the one in the custom section and I had planes coming out of my ears lol. And that was at 15%!! The next question is Voxatc say I need to set my FSX slider to zero for traffic as its own Internals will pick up the MT6 schedules and traffic and work it into the ATC. BUT when I set it to Zero and then load a flight and then end it the slider has moved back to the low position and not the zero position. Is anyone else using MT6 with Voxatc and can shed some light on what settings I should be using, please :) Regards Rob
  22. Thanks Burkhard, I'll have a look at attempting that over the weekend coming :) Regards Rob
  23. Thanks for the reply Burkhard I'll give those options a try, I'll have a dig through the manual to see how it's done :) Regards Rob
  24. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew if anyone knew if there was a way to stop AI traffic parking on certain stands. My VA parks at stands 106,105 and 104 at EGKK, but they are aften filled with planes already is the away that these can be left free, I only need one to be free so I can park, but If there is a solution to this that great if not then I will have to park where ever I can :) I am using a UK2000 scenery if that helps, however I have had to set the MT6 bgl to passive, it was causing ILS landing issues for me. Regards Rob
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