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  1. I would like to get the E170-195 v3 pack for P3D4 but before I do are there any liveries available for it?...it only comes with a few or is it compatible with the FSX version liveries via Avsim etc? Thanks Rich
  2. Hi Just brought a sub to test out the NG version for a few months , great product so far .. just wondering thou The V speeds dont change if i use full length or an intersection ... eg full length (M1) runway 26L at EGKK, using Flaps 5 i get the same Vspeeds for M1 and also when i set it for holding points A1 or B1 ..... is this normal or a bug? a mate tried with his Airbus performance tool and there was a slight change in Vspeed from the same holds. Thanks Rich
  3. I have kind of nearly fixed the blank Aircraft at PHL after buying the JFK realcolour add on as that had a few of the missing aircraft liveries UPS flights and BAW 744 etc etc , I then just manually changed some UPS aircraft to the ones UPS used at JFK , ASH is still blank but I may end up just altering them with another Airline from the same terminal .
  4. With LAX i find using the GA terminal for FDX,UPS,NAC flights slightly better as its kind of were the real cargo apron is at LAX (south side)
  5. Looking forward to this , please let us know when it's ready and how much it will be ?..if you can would you beable to bare in mind the real colour add on so we don't get any white Aircraft ?. great job you and Nyergesdesign are doing ,I'm also having fun adding flights to less busy sessions to try and increase the traffic .
  6. If it's not an easy fix I suppose you can just put it down to an Aircraft lease , i.e. Borrowed from another airline etc .Airlines real world do this for a number of reasons e.g. to help with demand or to replace an Aircraft that's gone tech.
  7. I'm seeing this too at KPHL , I'm using the real colour pack so if there's an update just wondering how I go about down loading it ? Would I need to get in touch with BMT etc . thanks Rich
  8. The ADIRS is set to how it is in the control tower so you can't rotate it , the view you get in the sim is from the control tower so it's the same view you get that real ATCOs see (maybe a little higher then real life) .
  9. Hi I have been a long time user of Tower and I have installed it on a new PC ..every things running fine , I wondered if any one let me know how they have set up their Teminals ,ie updates were the airlines park so they show up in the sim .. I remember doing it all once before but forgot to safe them .i have the default airports plus ...ATL ..BOS..PHL..LAS..JFK SFO .. Thanks Rich
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