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  1. maxhades


    Ok thx Peter Strange because with the code above no CTD since than! I have opened a ticket to HIFI since yesterday! Which entry i must fill in to start and stop AS16 with FSUIPC? THX Max
  2. Hi Peter Since yesterday i have Active Sky 2016+ASCA and a long time FSUIPC registered, latest version! Since i i have AS16 i notice CTD ONLY when shutdown the FSX with diffrent errors like g3d.dll, ntdll.dll, stackhash.dll, panels.dll.....complitly random I can fly 10 hours without any crash, only when shutdown the FSX! No problems with ASN! THEN i have filled in the FSUIPC.ini the following line ForceTerminateTime=3 Now it seems the problem is gone, but i have to do more testing! I have that feeling there is a problem with the new weathermaschine and FSUIPC but not sure. With the code above i have to shutdown some external programs manualy and AS is still connected after shutdown, not that big problem. Max
  3. maxhades

    NTDLL Error

    I bring this up because it is impossible to fly the westcoast of america with the 2015 shedule! I am not the only one! THX
  4. maxhades


    Hi Hope this post will be answered, because my last one many weeks ago was ignored! I have AA Scenery VTBS and no traffic, but also not with the MT Stock Airport! VTBS is listed in my Commerc Routes! Any idea? MT Vers 6.0 beta Thanks Max
  5. maxhades

    NTDLL Error

    Hi Burkhard Flying with 2015 schedule, latest patch! ALL ntdll errors i have are in amerika, most on the westcoast, california, seattle... Set military bgl to off, problem solved, no crash 2012 Schedule no problem at all Playing with diffrent destiny settings doesn't help! Fsx loading to 98% and then error! So what could be the problem here on the westcoast with 2015 schedule? Want fly with 2015 and military! Thx Max
  6. Try to set your aircraft destiny up or down. For example from 25 to 30 or 20! I have this problem in the Palm Springs area and most in North america! The destiny trick helps most! Cheers Max
  7. maxhades

    MyTraffic 6.0a public beta

    Ok i set military bgl to off, start fsx, shut down, set military bgl back to on, and everything works now! Strange!
  8. maxhades

    MyTraffic 6.0a public beta

    Since the beta i have the old odd error with ntdll, only in the area around california North east! Today i went back to MT 6 and the first official patch! i will test this tonight! Have had nothing special installed in this area, only monterey from orbx, but never had some problems with this scenery! 2015 schedule sliders at 25/5 Cheers Max
  9. maxhades

    Strobe lights MT 6

    great thanks!
  10. maxhades

    Strobe lights MT 6

    hmm ok thx! i have noticed planes got strobes when landing! but 100% sure is the 737-700 has got always strobes on, also on parking!
  11. maxhades

    Terminal Gangway not working

    Ok, for me it works on all airports with moving jetways! Did you find the tool inside the aircraft folder of mytraffic? i guess you have mt6 or vers 5?
  12. maxhades

    Terminal Gangway not working

    I think the chef is on holiday! 1 Did you try the tool inside the aircraft folder of mytraffic? 2 Is this a addonairport with moving jetways, and which one? cheers Max
  13. maxhades

    SCENERY.CFG file error

    you read the manual carefuly? Because the answer to this is writen there!you have to go to the scenery.cfg and change the entry with the right path! Sorry i don't know now exactly, but read the faq here or the manual
  14. maxhades

    Strobe lights MT 6

    on holiday? push
  15. maxhades

    Strobe lights MT 6

    ok i have done a complitely fresh install! Nothing changed! Sometimes strobes, sometimes not, day and night, wherever on this planet! And my cessna's are all black on standard and addon airports! And again, most big airbus have strobes, always, a330, a340... Also a 737-700 but not a 737-800 and so on and by the 737-700 it is always on while parking, flying, landing... Very special as i said above are some 747 freighters with strobes inside the nose of the plane! a list of my addons Airport addons fore sure FTX Global FTX Vector PMDG 737, md11, 747, 777 Aerosoft 318-321 Dash 8 A2A Simulation and many more ASN FX Precipit REX Clouds... FS Passengers Hope for answer shortly! THX

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