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  1. Hi Mr. Burkhard. ENTO, Sandfjord in Norway should be considered with more Wideroe traffic as it is the Q400 fleet base in Oslo but has no traffic besides Norwegian Airlines once in a while. Thanks, regards.
  2. Hi, i am having a trouble with AI Traffic from My Traffic coliding in these 3 airports: At LPPR all the aircrafts landing at Rwy17 taxi to the apron by taxiway F, taxiway F is also the taxiway used by all the departing traffic at this airport therefore whenever theres an aircraft awaiting for take off clearance on taxiway F and other that has landed on Rwy 17 there will be a traffing jam. It would be pretty nice if all the arriving traffic that lands Rwy 17 could exit the runway at taxiway D. At LPMA all the aircrafts landing at Rwy 23 taxi to the apron by taxiway B, taxiway B is also
  3. Sata Air Azores regional flights beetween the Azores Islands and to Madeira, Faro and Gran Canaria. Dash 8 q400 and 200 flights. Please check with Sata Virtual Airline if you can use their schedules to help you building it, i am sure they can be very helpfull. Thanks.
  4. Mr. Burkhart please include SATA Air Azores Dash8 q400 and 200 regional flights beetween the Azores Islands and also q400 flights to Madeira, Faro and Gran Canaria. Sata Virtual Airline has a pretty good schedule where i supose you can inspire yourself. Thanks. Regards.
  5. Yes in deed Mr. Burkhard. No Sata International adjustments needed, just a few DASH8-200 and 400 from Sata Air Azores beetween the Azores Islands and to Madeira, Faro and Gran Canaria. Thanks for the support. Regards.
  6. Mr. Burkhard, please disregard my last post. I've managed it by making a new entrance in the My Traffic Communicator and now everything works nice, i am about to start my first flight with MyTraffic 6 installed and running. Please work on Sata Air Azores AI Traffic, it doesn't seem to be in your My Traffic 6.0 ;) Thanks for the support. Regards.
  7. Good morning Mr. Burkhard, i've made the changes you suggested and i've solved the problem about loading the area.130 regarding the Mytraffic 6 but i don't have any Mytraffic AI traffic just GA FSX SE and when enabled in the My traffic communicator the AI FSX SE default traffic. What should i do to have My Traffic AI flying around? Thanks. Regards.
  8. Hi Mr. Burkhard, I have bought and installed your latest AI product, the My Traffic 6. I've runned trough your installation guide for 4 times today and have allways faced with a message from FSX-SE while loading the scenery stage showing that area.130 wasn't found and therefore it will not work. Please advise me on how to solve this and carry on enjoyng your awesome AI Traffic. Thanks. Regards.
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