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  1. Sad to hear about your ongoing health issues, but I'm very happy to get a life sign, was getting all worried Burkhard! :) - JP
  2. Sad news Burkhard, all the best wishes for a speedy diagnosis and recovery.
  3. That's great news, enjoy flying and thank you for reporting back Tom. :) - JP
  4. Sorry Dan, I don't quite understand - what patch are you referring to? If it is my unofficial P3Dv3 installation instructions or content error patch, you really shouldn't post issues to this beta thread, but instead post here please (just to make sure I read it and can assist!):http://forum.simflight.com/topic/80155-how-to-install-mt6-in-p3d-v3/ Re the content errors: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/80155-how-to-install-mt6-in-p3d-v3/?p=484275.All those on your list are fixed. - JP
  5. Tom, if your MT6 was working in v2.X, there are really only two things that can go wrong. You certainly shouldn't have to reinstall. One of the possible mistakes is, as already mentioned a couple of time above, adding the wrong entry to the P3D scenery library. The other is adding something wrong to "simobjects.cfg". You cannot just copy my example entry, the "Path=XXX" part has to correspond to the MT6 aircraft folder on YOUR system. That's really it. If the above two things are correct, you will have traffic. - JP
  6. Fi5kuS, if you get the same scenery.CFG error it means that you added the wrong folder to the P3D scenery library. It is the main MyTraffic folder you need to add, the one with subfolders like Aircraft, scenery and texture, it is NOT the same as the aircraft folder you added to "simobjects.cfg". Try to have a look at this screenshot, showing the folder on my PC: Of course, the folder will most likely be in a different location on your PC, and the folder contents slightly different. Please check the MT6 entry you made to the scenery library. If that doesn't help, please report back. Can'
  7. It's a good thing to share MT experiences Ollie. :) Hope you're enjoying some nice v3 flying! - JP
  8. I'm a bit unsure of what you see Ollie, and quite frankly I'm not entirely sure of what to expect myself with regards to AI light ranges. I just tried standing in EKCH and checking an incoming MT Airbus, it had one steady light showing from more than 6 NM out (usually the first visual cue I get of an AI aircraft at night in FSX too!), and the blinking red and green lights came on at around 3 NM range. Did that change from v2? - JP
  9. Good stuff, thanks for reporting back. :)
  10. I think you got the answer in the thread at AVSIM José? I have had a busy couple of days so I didn't see your post until today, sorry. - JP
  11. You are most welcome Jack. We "vikings" have to stick together. :) - JP
  12. That would be an issue for an official update Ollie, it's beyond the scope of the content error fixes. You should make a post and alert Burkhard to the issue.
  13. I discovered that I had omitted one aircraft from the fix, apologies for that. I have updated my patch fix post above with a new "aircraft.zip". Please redownload. Sorry about that. Reinstall on top of the old one.
  14. It would make me happier if people would keep on error checking and report any remaining MT6 content errors here so I can fix them Vic. As you say, the errors need to be addressed eventually. Might as well be now. ;-) - JP (I understand perfectly if some users are uncomfortable installing MT6 in P3D v3 according to my unofficial instructions, or applying an unofficial fix. That group of users will have to await a future patch from Burkhard. I cannot really do anything about that. I have made the fix entirely for selfish reasons, I don't want errors in my shiny new P3D. If other people
  15. I am happy to report that a series of brief tests of the historic schedules did not lead to further Content errors. As a result, please feel free to post any content errors you log while using the historic schedules as well. :)
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