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  1. Sad to hear about your ongoing health issues, but I'm very happy to get a life sign, was getting all worried Burkhard! :) - JP
  2. Sad news Burkhard, all the best wishes for a speedy diagnosis and recovery.
  3. That's great news, enjoy flying and thank you for reporting back Tom. :) - JP
  4. Sorry Dan, I don't quite understand - what patch are you referring to? If it is my unofficial P3Dv3 installation instructions or content error patch, you really shouldn't post issues to this beta thread, but instead post here please (just to make sure I read it and can assist!):http://forum.simflight.com/topic/80155-how-to-install-mt6-in-p3d-v3/ Re the content errors: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/80155-how-to-install-mt6-in-p3d-v3/?p=484275.All those on your list are fixed. - JP
  5. Tom, if your MT6 was working in v2.X, there are really only two things that can go wrong. You certainly shouldn't have to reinstall. One of the possible mistakes is, as already mentioned a couple of time above, adding the wrong entry to the P3D scenery library. The other is adding something wrong to "simobjects.cfg". You cannot just copy my example entry, the "Path=XXX" part has to correspond to the MT6 aircraft folder on YOUR system. That's really it. If the above two things are correct, you will have traffic. - JP
  6. Fi5kuS, if you get the same scenery.CFG error it means that you added the wrong folder to the P3D scenery library. It is the main MyTraffic folder you need to add, the one with subfolders like Aircraft, scenery and texture, it is NOT the same as the aircraft folder you added to "simobjects.cfg". Try to have a look at this screenshot, showing the folder on my PC: Of course, the folder will most likely be in a different location on your PC, and the folder contents slightly different. Please check the MT6 entry you made to the scenery library. If that doesn't help, please report back. Can't have you flying around without AI. :) - JP (Here is a link to the AVSIM thread: http://www.avsim.com/topic/475704-prepar3d-v3-and-my-traffic-6/. José's post is on page 5.).
  7. It's a good thing to share MT experiences Ollie. :) Hope you're enjoying some nice v3 flying! - JP
  8. I'm a bit unsure of what you see Ollie, and quite frankly I'm not entirely sure of what to expect myself with regards to AI light ranges. I just tried standing in EKCH and checking an incoming MT Airbus, it had one steady light showing from more than 6 NM out (usually the first visual cue I get of an AI aircraft at night in FSX too!), and the blinking red and green lights came on at around 3 NM range. Did that change from v2? - JP
  9. Good stuff, thanks for reporting back. :)
  10. I think you got the answer in the thread at AVSIM José? I have had a busy couple of days so I didn't see your post until today, sorry. - JP
  11. You are most welcome Jack. We "vikings" have to stick together. :) - JP
  12. That would be an issue for an official update Ollie, it's beyond the scope of the content error fixes. You should make a post and alert Burkhard to the issue.
  13. I discovered that I had omitted one aircraft from the fix, apologies for that. I have updated my patch fix post above with a new "aircraft.zip". Please redownload. Sorry about that. Reinstall on top of the old one.
  14. It would make me happier if people would keep on error checking and report any remaining MT6 content errors here so I can fix them Vic. As you say, the errors need to be addressed eventually. Might as well be now. ;-) - JP (I understand perfectly if some users are uncomfortable installing MT6 in P3D v3 according to my unofficial instructions, or applying an unofficial fix. That group of users will have to await a future patch from Burkhard. I cannot really do anything about that. I have made the fix entirely for selfish reasons, I don't want errors in my shiny new P3D. If other people than me can use the fix, it's just a fringe benefit. :) ).
  15. I am happy to report that a series of brief tests of the historic schedules did not lead to further Content errors. As a result, please feel free to post any content errors you log while using the historic schedules as well. :)
  16. I don't know anything about future MT6 patch release plans macca, I'm just a user like you. I do however hope Burkhard will consider using my fixes in a patch release if no errors are found. They should work just as well in any other compatible FS version.
  17. *** My Traffic 6 P3Dv3 content error fix patch 1 *** This patch fixes two categories of "Content errors" in MT6. I have fixed all errors I found while checking MT6 AI in various places around the globe. The first, and by far the most common category, is duplicate sections in AI aircraft configuration files. in all these cases, I have merged duplicate entries, and made a backup of the original file as "aircraft.ORG". The second is missing AI sound files. There are two of these. I have located and added these files. I have only tested the 2015 schedule until now, there may still be errors in some of the aircraft for historic schedules. Once I get around to testing those, a second patch may follow. The fixes should work with any patch level of MT6, but I recommend using the latest beta patch, it contains some nice updates: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/80152-mytraffic-60a-public-beta/ INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Download the attached "Aircraft.zip". Unzip the file to your MT6 "Aircraft" folder. Accept all folder merges and overwrites. Alternatively, you can unzip to a temporary folder and move the files into place yourself. NOTES: If you use the MT6 aircraft installers (from the Configurator, by applying a patch update, or run manually) you will overwrite the fixes! In that case, simply apply this patch again. Use this at your own risk. I have done my best to make everything right, but I cannot guarantee it works for everybody. Also, there may still be more errors I have not found. If you log any errors that you suspect is caused by MT6, please post them in this thread. Happy flying! JP "Penz" Pedersen Aircraft.zip
  18. I think I have managed to squash the annoying "Content Errors", it wasn't half as bad as I feared it might be. I will post a small patch pack in this thread tomorrow, right now I'm going to sleep. :)
  19. Definitely going to try this Burkhard, thanks! - JP
  20. I put it right above (lower "priority" number!) the "Global, Generic & Vehicle Libraries" entry. Maybe I should mention as well that you will get content errors (unless you turn error logging off in P3D.), because there are errors in the content. ;-) None of the errors I have logged by MT6 have been fatal though, it's stuff like duplicate sections/entries in the aircraft CFG files, missing effects/sound files and such. P3Dv3 is really strict with errors!
  21. Well the messages don't do any harm, you can turn the error logging off if you want. The logging is very useful however, to help pinpoint 3rd party issues.
  22. The content errors are (at least in this case!) just non-fatal errors, P3D pointing out that it's not totally happy with what it reads and telling that it's not LM's fault if something looks odd. ;-) The errors are genuine enough. But it will take a loooooong time to weed them out.
  23. First you need to add the AI aircraft to the sim. You do that by adding the path to the MT6 aircraft folder to P3D "simobjects.cfg", in the same way that the configurator does for P3D v2. Example: My MT6 folder is "F:\MT6", so I add a new entry to "%programdata%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v3\simobjects.cfg" pointing to the MT6 aircraft folder like this [Entry.11] Title=MyTraffic Vehicles Path=F:\MT6\MyTraffic\Aircraft Required=True Active=True It may not be [Entry.11] in your case, use the next available number in sequence. For the scenery, I just use the in-sim scenery library manager to add "F:\MT6\MyTraffic". The last step is to disable "[P3D3]\Scenery\World\scenery\trafficaircraft.bgl" by renaming it to "trafficaircraft.bgl.off" like the configurator does. This removes the stock Pacifica and Orbit etc. AI routes. Hope this can help a couple of fellow P3Dv3'ers. :)
  24. ** Oops, I should have posted this in the P3D subforum, feel free to move it if you feel it's more useful there Burkhard. ** Thank you for the kind permission to also use MT in P3D v3 Burkhard! Have only had time to take a quick look, but fundamentally it seems to work OK. All I did was add the MT vehicle folder to "simobjects.cfg" and add the MT scenery folder to scenery library. And disabled the stock "trafficaircraft.bgl" to get rid of Orbit, Pacifica et al.. The new error checker is relentless, however. None of the errors are fatal, but there sure are a lot of them. It stops logging after 1000 errors (so OK, it's not totally relentless ...). I have attached my error log just for fun. :) ContentErrorLog.txt
  25. That's true Vernon. :) I'm really happy that you reported the 5.X errors way back then on FSDeveloper. It made it pretty easy to identify, locate and squash the bugs. - JP
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