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  1. THANKS BURKHARD, Exactly my mistake was that I was not at the airport or near it, Now I have succesfully placed aircraft and not only that, I assigned flight plans to them. Thanks again and My traffic interactive is a great tool.
  2. Hi I have My traffic 6 and included is My traffic interactive and I have tried to use it, but when I try to place for example 2 Iberia airplanes at any spanish airport the error I get is: object outside reality bubble. and also happens with any traffic I try to place at any airport. Could You help me what Iam doing wrong? THANKS.
  3. Thank You Both I have checked Milan LINATE and Yes there are more Alitalia flights than Malpensa.
  4. Hi everybody using my traffic 6, I have tested it at Milan malpensa airport and at different times 7am, 11am, 4pm,8pm,10pm there is only one Alitalia airplane visible and a lot of Easyjet, GermanWings, I have waited almost 1 hour at these observation times and no traffic from Alitalia shows up something hard to believe in the real world. Is there anything I Can do to show the proper airplanes I don't have the SDK because my installation is FSX STEAM EDITION. Any help or comments. THANKS
  5. Thank You I have located the file and changed it and now I have traffic, I chequed It at Rome Fiumicino and it had several traffics , I tested it for about 40 minutes and was OK. Thanks again.
  6. I Can't find C:\Users\all users\Microsoft\FSX\scenery.cfg
  7. I have the same problema as the person agentmoo and got no traffic at all I tried to follow the solution at the steam comunity fórum but I have no success at all, I don't get Access to nothing at the Communicator scenery cfg file, Iam really dissapointed because something I purchased for fun it's giving me stress, headaches, and no results and help at all. simply IcAN´T GET TRAFFIC FROM MY TRAFFIC 6. VERY CONFUSING. ANY HELP. THANK YOU
  8. Thank You very much I have exactly the same problema as stated by janjoensson, I followed the instructions and the final result is the same and no traffic at all. Any help is apreciated. THANKS.
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