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  1. OK, wasn't sure if that was the correct way with the 2012 Steam addition (from what I saw, the Chicago sector isn't available via Steam). Thanks
  2. Can anyone post on 2012SE, addons (like Chicago), and how to install them?
  3. Thanks. Are their instructions or a guide on installing addons to 2012SE?
  4. Interested in the Tracon 2012SE version, and wondered if the Real Traffic that is on Feelthere's website will work for the Steam version (and KORD sector)? If so, any help on how to install those addons to the Steam version? Thanks, Rob
  5. Yes, I will try tonight and report back. Thanks, Vic :)
  6. Now that Vic and crew are back, any idea on my issue?
  7. Not sure why, but after about 5-10 minutes of 'controlling', the game will usually crash (once it restarted my PC). Never really happened before SP1. Any ideas? My specs: AMD X4 955 at 3.94Ghz 8Gb RAM Win10 NVIDIA GTX 460 Thanks Vic and FT crew :) crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  8. Ahhh, thanks guys! Much appreciated
  9. Curious, how do I get intersection takeoffs to work? If I click on a runway, then a taxiway that intersects with that runway, the plane will go that 'route' to the beginning of the runway (sort of a 'back taxi'). What am I missing?
  10. Well, got SP installed, and works fantastic! I get random male and female voices! Really ups the game, err, I mean, sim. Thanks Vic and team
  11. Great. Can't wait to get home and download SP and try. I attached a screenshot of my Speech settings (my work Win10, which would have the same settings as my home PC). Does this look correct for the random voices?
  12. Hey Vic, Thanks for the SP. I'll download and install this evening after work. One question, is the English (US) sound package you mentioned part of Windows 10, or is this a 3rd party package? Cheers :)
  13. SWEET! Can't wait. T!3D is awesome as it is; I can't even imagine how it will be with the SP!
  14. Thanks Vic and FT Team :)
  15. Here here, Avwriter! I second this! Although I would LOVE to see them include a Jedi mind-control over these in-game 'slow' pilots! Hats off to you, Vic and FT team! Looking forward to many wonderful hours of 'controlling' traffic
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