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  1. Thank you Terence. Very informative. I got a little confused as some charts I've seen actually specify a holding type pattern you must enter. Especially if approaching a runway from an acute angle. Going around the pattern lines the aircraft up for a straight in approach. Often there's only one runway amongst mounting terrain etc. So I thought the holding circuit, being part of the approach in these situations, would be included as part of the STAR. It certainly looks that way on the charts. The circuit 'Fix' being the IAF. I know very little about FMC as I fly prop cargo planes that haven't got them. I guess I'll just have to stop being lazy and learn to fly the patterns manually. Would be nice though to experience the plane doing a circuit on autopilot as on the chart. As a side question. How do I disengage the autopilot to fly a holding pattern then re-engage it to continue on course ? Is it something to do with the OBS on the GPS ? Thanks for your time explaining - it's a great forum. Regards Joned
  2. Thank you Volker. That's a shame as there are so may plates out there that require precision approaches etc that require a holding pattern, especially when flying a missed approach. So if a plate/chart specifies a holding pattern at a certain 'fix' it's up to the Sim pilot to workout it's position and entry point with no visual guidance from the loaded flight planner in FSC. Seems a bit precarious ! I suppose (though I haven't tried it yet) one could 'create' a holding pattern in FSX flight planner using 4 wave points, but it seems a bit crude. Also, what's the point in having the facility in FSC to create a 'holding pattern' if it cannot be exported ? I think I'm definitely missing something here. Regards Joned
  3. I have just downloaded FSC 9 including Database Manager 9.6 from Aerosoft ,and using FSX. I hope that's enough information for you. Wow, what a brilliant product ! I'm sure its because I'm new to this software, but I did a search and can't find the answer, so here goes...... I want to add (include) a holding pattern to a flight plan to make it the same as the published chart. I created the hold circuit correctly and selected the appropriate VOR to be used as the fix. I selected 'add to map' which it did correctly. It shows clearly on the map view as a holding pattern within the flight plan. The VOR name remains in the flight plan panel as original without the holding pattern detail (this may be correct I don't know). However, when the flight plan is saved FSX does not contain the holding pattern. I have experimented with other 'fixes' for the hold but still no holding pattern when saved to FSX. Can you please explain what I'm doing wrong. Regards and thanks for a great product. Joned
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