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  1. Thank you both for answers, Ill give em a try
  2. Mainly out of curiosity, but is there a way to assign gates/spaces to airlines in particular? For example, MCO-Orlando International Air Canada uses gate/stand 93 & 95 on airside 4, is there a way to narrow it down to just these two spaces and not the next stand in line tower defaults too.
  3. Yes, all the following did: MIA: 27, 26R, and 26L LAX: 7L, 7R, 6L, and 6R
  4. I've played with the airfields in editor to see if moving the approach and runway line up to the left of right accordingly (to however the plane was drifting); had a little luck with arriving planes, when they land it looks lined up but about 1/4 way down the runway the drift starts happening.
  5. I bought it from amazon: http://www.amazon.com/FeelThere-Tower-2011-DOWNLOAD/dp/B00KHRVTH4/ref=dsvrt_myd_asin_block
  6. Re-installed tower without real traffic (used KORD and KMIA to test) and its still happening.
  7. The aiports and runways I've noticed so far are: JFK (real color installed): 31L and 31R ORD (real color installed): 28, 27L, and 27R DFW : 36L, 36R, 35L, 35C, and 35R MIA (real color installed): 27, 26R, and 26L SFO: 28L and 28R I do have the real traffic add-on installed as well. Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-bit English Memory: 12288MB RAM Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series, 7914MB Open AL is installed, Speech is also installed. Runway Drift.zip
  8. I've noticed it on a few of the runway choices where planes on the runway when landing will land off the center of the runway and drift towards the center, and when taking off start in the center and drift to the left or right (off the runway in some cases). Has anyone else had this problem? Any advice or solutions would be helpful. Thank you
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