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  1. Hello, Thanks for your times @John Dowson & @Paul Henty I can use this version 6.03d or you don't have make changes ? Result: ********* FSUIPC6, Version 6.0.3d (18th April 2020) by Pete & John Dowson ********* Prepar3D.exe version = Running inside Prepar3D v4 Module base=7FFC445C0000 Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit reported as Build 18363, Release ID: 1909 (OS 10.0) Reading options from "D:\P3DV4\Modules\FSUIPC6.ini" Regards Fred
  2. Nope it's the web response For your test Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Major {0} (Minor {1}, Number {2})", FSUIPCConnection.FSUIPCVersion.Major.ToString, FSUIPCConnection.FSUIPCVersion.Minor.ToString, FSUIPCConnection.FSUIPCVersion.Number.ToString)) Major 6 (Minor 0, Number 6)
  3. Hi Paul, In FrMain with FSUIPC V5.X no problem I don't have change the code Now with FSUIPC V6.0.X I see 6.000 Value of literal of course not substring The app return the good value with the function I think it's in your dll FSUIPCConnection.FSUIPCVersion.Minor FSUIPCConnection.FSUIPCVersion.Build But I make a quick test again Fred
  4. Hello Paul, Since I have switched to FSUIPC V6.0.3 (payware) but not the Sim (Prepar3D® v4, Version: H2 FSUIPCConnection.FSUIPCVersion.ToString() Return FSUIPC V6.00000 @Paul Henty @John Dowson ' check fsuipc version Dim literal As String = FSUIPCConnection.FSUIPCVersion.ToString() Console.WriteLine(literal.ToString) Dim substring As String = literal.Substring(0, 1) 'MessageBox.Show("FSUIPC V: {0}", substring) Console.WriteLine("FSUIPC V: {0}", substring) Dim version As String = Webrequestt
  5. Hello Everyone, I don't know if I post in the good Forums. So I have an app (Windows forms/ VB.Net) using FSUIPC Client DLL for .NET The code has been checked by Paul himself. So since two years ago, I would like to refactoring codes and interface. And looking for a good developer like Paul Henty, to finish this project and turn this page, one more time. In French " Tout travail mérite salaire" / "All work deserves payment" If you are interested, send me a PM Thanks for take the time to read. Regards Fred
  6. Hi Noa, You can use L:Vars for AEROSOFT AIRBUS A3XX PRO FSUIPCConnection.ReadLVar("L:AB_AP_AP1").ToString("F0") = 1 'AP1 set on FSUIPCConnection.ReadLVar("L:AB_AP_AP1").ToString("F0") = 0 'AP1 set off FSUIPCConnection.ReadLVar("L:AB_AP_AP2").ToString("F0") = 1 'AP2 set on FSUIPCConnection.ReadLVar("L:AB_AP_AP2").ToString("F0") = 0 'AP1 set off You can find this L:VARS with Linda Modules https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/539164-new-aerosoft-a3xx-professional-v06-beta-24-jul-18/ You can retrieve L:VARS using Paul's method (Thanks again Paul wasp your time to teach me that)
  7. I'm sorry for that. I have P3V4 (X64) and need Lua socket for Throttle Manager works. Seems working but I don't find files to give you. So Have you found version X64 ? Regards Fred
  8. Hello, http://luaforge.net/projects/luabinaries/ X64 & X86 http://files.luaforge.net/releases/luabinaries/aLua5.2-work2/WindowsLibraries Executables X86 http://files.luaforge.net/releases/luabinaries/aLua5.2-work2/Executables/lua5_2_work2_Win32_bin.zip X64 http://files.luaforge.net/releases/luabinaries/aLua5.2-work2/Executables/lua5_2_work2_Win64_bin.zip Regards Fred
  9. Hi Paul, I don't think so here the code only call when I click on load *.pln Private Sub RefreshFlightPlans() Me.cbxFlightPlans.Items.Clear() FSUIPCConnection.Process("plnFolder") Dim folder As String = FSUIPCDATA.simDocsPath.Value Dim flightPlans As String() = IO.Directory.GetFiles(folder, "*.pln") For Each flightPlan As String In flightPlans Me.cbxFlightPlans.Items.Add(IO.Path.GetFileName(flightPlan)) Next End Sub Private Sub LoadplnToolStripMenuItem_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles LoadplnToolStri
  10. Ok Paul Have you a concrete example with this example I can make my functions like mid-AIR refuel, PMDG Offsets, and remove timers Thanks Fred
  11. Hi, I think you don't have read the link bellow or here: So you would be read I have offsets & function for that And my purpose it's about holding value it's calling at every FSUIPCConnection.Process() Regards Fred
  12. Hi Paul and everyone can help me, I have started this thread here avoid the end of this post How I can old return offsets once the value is return ? Mean If strobe is 'ON' and nothing is changed the "FSUIPCConnection.Process()" doesn't need to return me value I have already. Thanks Regards Fred
  13. Hi Paul, I have issues with GPS return. It's not the GPS the problem, it's how the waypoints are read. Even the plane is near the closest navaids after return me the good ID and distance seems it's doesn't where it is and take the first point of pln even this point are already passed. There is a way to look the ID index before and after to avoid this situation ? Here the code: Public gps_next_lat As Offset(Of Double) = New Offset(Of Double)(&H60AC) Public gps_next_lon As Offset(Of Double) = New Offset(Of Double)(&H60B4) Private Sub ShowDistanceToGPS()
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