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  1. I reinstalled my OS. I had no issue. Then I had that issue again. FSUIPC was the 1st addon I installed. I have installed lots of addons and a simmconnect update to ...259.0 at the end. So I had the same issue. I also had a simconnect network issue. I reinstalled FSUIPC without uninstalling 2 times. Then, FSX has worked for the 3rd time without an error message.
  2. Yes it was. I have deleted the modules folder and deleted the line in the .cfg and .dll. Trusted the program as before. Therafter, I ran FSX the 3 times without an error message, but my FPS are usually by 5 higher. I also had no precipitation on the weather radar and ASN (on client) showed a wrong position. I unlinked the LAN from the FSX server to the router and tried another network setup without changing a file of FSX. I'm getting the same error message as before, now, and FSX crashes.
  3. When I click on NO FSX runs, but it doesn't when I clck on YES, thereafter.
  4. I had installed NvidiaInspector and deleted it. I'm getting that error message (image) when FSX runs. After several reinstallatons of FSUIPC I recognized that my graphics card was runnng at idle in FSX. So I deleted the FSX.cfg and I got that error message again. I reinstalled FSUIPC and I didn't get this message. So I stopped FSX and changed the graphics card setting via the Nvidia control. I got this error message again. I had to reinstall FSUIPC several time then and also changed the graphics card setting to app controlled. Finally, I deleted the FSUIPC line in the .dll and deleted the FSUI
  5. Ich habe soeben den FSC mittles Systemsteuerung deinstalliert und noch einmal von ihrer Seite neu heruntergeladen. Die Demo funktioniert einwandfrei. Auch nach der Registrierung und Installation der IVAO 04 Daten und des NavDataPro 1603 cycles funktioniert nun alles wie es soll.
  6. Wenn ich mir beim IVAO online traffic die Information zu den einzelnen Positionen oder Flügen anschauen möchte ertönt ein Hinweiston von Windows. Der FSC friert dann ein. Ich kann zwar noch die Maus im FSC bewegen aber es lassen sich keine Items drücken (daraufhin ertönt dann wieder der Hinweiston von Windows) oder das Programm mittels der Ausführungen oben rechts schließen, minimieren oder in den Fenstermodus gehen. Es erfolgt aber weiterhin ein update des IVAO-Verkehrs. Der Informationstext wird hinter dem FSC Fenster geöffnet. Wenn ich dann mittels Windows-Taste auf der Tastatur die Taskle
  7. Somewhere in the manual (fsc9 docs folder) or Database Infobox line (opened program) is stated you need the whole drive where FSX is installed to be mounted, not only the FSX folder (also write and read acess on both PC I guess). The FSC9 folder should also not be installed in programs folder. After unzipping the FSC9 folder you can also read about win 7,8,10 and vista issues. The fsc.pdf (FS9 docs folder) has a network section looks like win7 for me.
  8. But it's a addon by Aerosoft. I do also a loading for weather engine at 30minutes turnarounds. The active runway usually changes on first weather injecting. But I do this way at other addon aiports, too. And haven't this issue.
  9. No, it happens all the time, in EDDS. EDDS has an elevation of about 1360ft.
  10. I have installed EDDS on FSX SP2. When I see the AI landing they usually land in the last third of the runway of both directions with a v/s of 3000-5000 ft/min. They aso brake wirthin 200m when touching the ground. Can I do something against this issue. .
  11. After I had landed in EDDP (Germany) I taxied to a free gate according an empty gate shown by GSX. When I reached it there was still a plane short before the plane stand. All other AI parked correct. I saw also 2 AI on the same gate at the same time some were different and same were identical and only 0,5m away from the other one. I also had a AI traffic jam on ground. When AI taxi to runway 26L they taxi via taxiway H5 but also some arrival AI uses H5. So sometimes when one AI lands on 26L and another taxi to runway 26L I have a traffic jam on H5 with no moving AI. Can I prevent one of those
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