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  1. Thanks to those responding. To scoobflight. I have just done yet another clean install after first removing all traces (as far as I can see) of Tracon SE from my hard drive. I disabled the firewall and anti virus programme before doing so. Then with these anti virus and firewall programmes still turned off, I installed Real Traffic as Administrator into D-my programme files-steam-steam apps-common-tracon!2012 SE. It has again created a new directory named Tracon! 2012 within the Tracon! SE directory. (i.e. D-my programme files-steam-steam apps-common-tracon!2012SE-tracon! 2012). With
  2. See above post: I have since added the files from the new RT download to the original databases and get the fictional aircraft and I get some aircraft but after appearing they do not move. I have now deleted the two directories Airplanes and databases and replaced them with the ones from the RT download and I get no planes at all. For some reason the RT download is not properly installing the files. I did try a different way of letting it put the files in the directory that the installer suggested they should go into and it just places them in a new directory on the D dri
  3. Scoobflight No luck I am afraid. Could not find a download link so bought again - $1.99 no problem Done a fresh install and installed into the Tracon 2012 SE directory but it has done exactly the same and installed the filed into a separate directory called Tracon 2012. It still does not use real traffic
  4. Scoobflight - Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes I did " A:Data and Documents(D)/My Programme Files/steam/steamapps/common/tracon SE". It does install into that one but then creates its own directory within there called "tracon 2012". That directory contains all the real planes. I tried copying them into the original Airplanes and Databases directories but I don't get any take offs or landings then. {My computer has two drives. The operating system is on a 500gb SSD (C drive) so I put as much stuff on the D drive as possible and Tracon SE runs from the D drive perfectly well with fict
  5. I have just bought Tracon SE from Steam. and installed my old Tracon RT that I bought for Tracon 2012. However I cannot get 'real traffic' and only still get the fictional ones. The version of RT is 24.09.15 and is Tracon 2012 rt-sp2 I install into /steam/steamapps/common/tracon SE and it creates a directory Tracon 2012 with all the real aircraft etc within it. When I start Tracon SE it still picks up the fictional aircraft. I have copied the contents into Tracon SE directory and replaced the fictional aircraft and database but it still picks the fictional aircraft up and they
  6. Sorry. I am no expert and I have had a few problems of my own. Windows 10 - you need to make sure the time and language settings are correct. The two boxes in country and region need to be set at US. Speech setting needs to be US English. Suggest you try with the box 'recognise non native accents'. Make sure your microphone is set up properly. You will need to do that in control panel. If you are a non US user you will need to change all the settings back and log out when you have finished with the sim otherwise it is all US i.e. dates wrong way round etc Hope this helps. I
  7. Kenneth Axi Sorry but don't know what to say to help. It was a pain in the bum getting voice recognition to work but once it did then I have had no problems. I can only suggest going through the voice training again and pronouncing as clearly as you can.
  8. Hello Joe Thanks for taking the time to reply. You are right about the mike being plugged in before loading. I did get another message on the forum with some solutions and by doing all these things I seem to be up and running. Thanks again.
  9. I have a new build PC running windows 10 well in excess of the specified requirements and a Logitech microphone. I have Tower 3D via Steam.The first time I used it the voice recognition worked perfectly but when I came back to it, it will not work. I have tried many times and even re-installed from Steam. I have re-booted etc. I press then left shift and it makes the pip pip noise but will not recognise my speech. Windows 10 of course does not let me change the voice from English (eng) to English (US) but that should make no difference as it worked first time. I have looked the prob
  10. Telnettech I am watching this thread with great interest. I could not agree more with you that a Company who sell a product bears some responsibility for putting right any issues with it. When I was experiencing problems it was other forum members who helped out and Feel There were nowhere to be seen. Its all very poor service.
  11. Telnetech - you may want to look through earlier posts of mine, which Feel There never really got to the bottom of. Whenever I installed Tower and no matter which PC I put it on, I had this problem until I realised that Tower was installing two directories; Tower and Tower copy. I changed them over and reinstalled Real Teaffic and everything worked fine.
  12. Sorted this! I needed to right click the start icon and select 'run as administrator'. Works perfectly now.
  13. I have just bought Tracon 2012 by download from Just Flight. I have Tower 2011 on the PC and it works perfectly. Initially Tracon returned an error on install due to Microsoft Visual 2010 C + + but after taking that off Tracon installed and then installed its own Microsoft Visual. However when I launch the icon I get the message Tracon 2012 has stopped working with the following errors. The message appeared within less than a second and the programme never seemed to start up. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BEX Application Name: Tracon.exe Application Version: 1.0.
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