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  1. Pete, Many thanks, that makes sense. I don't know why but I had read the Advanced User Guide and it wouldn't sink in. :? I think I was trying to make it more complicated than it is. Regards, Steve. Edit: Tested and does exactly what I wanted it to do, thanks for your help.
  2. Hi, I think this can be done, but despite reading the manuals I just can't work this out, so would be very grateful of some help. Is it possible to set a button on my yoke so that the first time you press the button it sends say a Z keystroke and if you were to push it again it would send say an X keystroke? I'm thinking it can be done using flags so that if the button is pressed it will send the Z keystroke and set a flag, if it's then pressed again it recognises the set flag and sends an X keystroke instead and after clears the flag so that next push will result in a Z keystroke. The reason I need this is for the FS Labs Concorde, you can set up your own keystroke for disconnecting the autopilot but not one for setting it so need to use an FS Command to set it in the first place but would like to be able to set it up using just one button. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Steve.
  3. Pete, Thank you very much, just proves my inability to follow simple instructions :cry: regards, Steve.
  4. Hi Pete, Could you please tell me what is wrong with my autosave.cfg file, I cannot get it to save the "optional additional file which has a fixed name" I am using FSUIPC 3.50 (registered) and AutoSave 1.50, the contents of my autosave.cfg are as follows: [user] Interval=60 Files=1 [Files] Next=1 1=Tue 124844 AlsoSave=My Restart AlsoInterval=60 SaveOnGround=Yes The standard autosave is working absolutely fine, but I cannot find the file "My Restart" anywhere. Could you please tell me in what directory it tries to save the file in case I deleted that whilst having a clear out and that is causing the problem. I'm using FS2004 in case that makes a difference to the directory. Many thanks in advance, Regards, Steve.
  5. Pete, had a response to my original post on the PMDG forum this morning just after I had found the "cure" so I posted the results on there as well as here. Many thanks, Steve.
  6. Pete, Just to let you and anyone else who has had the same problems as I have had, everything is now fixed. I did have Nvidia 77.72 drivers and the Antialiasing settings set through the graphics card control panel. When I set these back to Application Controlled (which I know a lot of people don't think is the best way to have them) my problems disappeared. I then upgraded to Nvidia 77.77 drivers and once again as soon as I made any alteration to the graphics settings in the Nvidia control panel the problems were back again. So i have reset them to their default values and everything is fine. Just seems really strange that the only aircraft affected by this was the PMDG 747. I have the PMDG 737NG, Level D 767 and Altitude/Koch Concorde and all of those were fine which is why I didn't initially believe it to be a graphics problem. Once again, thanks for the time and effort in helping here. Hopefully if anyone else has the same issues this may be of some help. Regards, Steve.
  7. Pete, Thanks for taking the time and effort on this, it is really much appreciated. After some more testing I think you are definitely right and that it is a graphics issue. I was using Rendure to Texture and as suggested turned it off, and the problem disappeared. So I left it turned off, exited FS9 and reloaded it, then re-loaded the PMDG 747 and the problem was back again. So I went back and turned it on again without exiting FS9 and the problem went. It seems that if you force a graphical change whilst the sim is running it fixes the problem. I tried changing other settings but the only ones that had any effect were graphical ones like changing tri-linear to bi-linear etc. So i'm convinced it is a graphics issue, but at least I know how to get round it. My system specs in case it is beneficial to anyone else is: AMD64 3800+ Windows XP Proffesional 64-bit ASUS A8V-E Deluxe 1 GB DDR400 RAM Nvidia GE Force 6600 GT (PCI Express) Nvidia Forceware Drivers version 77.72 - i'm not using 77.77 drivers due to people reporting problems with this version of the XP 64-bit compatible drivers. I may well have a "play" with the graphic card drivers later on to see if any changes in that rectifies the problem permanently. Once again Pete, thank you for all your help. Warmest regards, Steve.
  8. Pete, Thank you very much for the advice you gave. I normally fly in a "window" as opposed to "full screen" so did as you suggested and used AdvDisplay by locking it in place as opposed to docking it. Unfortunately that didn't work, everything below the bottom of the AdvDisplay froze. As you mentioned in your reply to try flying in "windowed mode" I thought that as that was how I always flew I would try the reverse and look at "Full Screen mode" with AdvDisplay docked. I don't know why, but it worked, all be it with a bit of panel flickering as I bought up the AdvDisplay window. I then decided to take this one stage further and go back into "Window Mode", and it still worked fine. No panel freezes, no corrupted displays, no panel flickering or anything. OK, I guess it's a strange workaround but now when I load up the PMDG 747 I go into "Full Screen Mode" then back into "Window Mode" and everything is fine. I can only guess it must be some form of display issue, but either way, if it wasn't for the suggestions you gave I would probably not have tried this. Thank you very much not only for brilliant products but brilliant support as well. Warmest regards, Steve.
  9. Hi, I hope you don't mind but I would like to post here a copy of a post I put on the PMDG forum, but it appears no one there can help. I certainly don't believe the problem lies with AdvDisp as it works with all the other aircraft I have, but I was hoping you may have some ideas. "Can anyone please tell me if they have managed to get Pete Dowson's "AdvDisp" to work with the PMDG 747? I have tried everything I can think of (short of posting on Pete Dowson's forum, which will be my next step) to try and get the PMDG 747 and AdvDisp to work together. Everytime I load AdvDisp it causes eratic behaviour in the Main 2D screen. If I try and dock AdvDisp (either to the main panel or a separate panel on the main screen) it looks as though it works but depending upon where on the main screen I dock it one or more of the following happen: 1) Outside display freezes, 2) Display corrupted, i.e. PFD and ND screens go blank, 2) Switches on the main panel refuse to work, 3) The ND goes back to a previous time. When I remove the AdvDisp any switches that I had tried to click whilst AdvDisp was loaded have actually moved into their new position and the display catches up to itself, i.e. the outside view refreshes to what should actually be there. The ND also corrects itself. This is causing me untold problems as I use Radar Contact and that relies on AdvDisp. This is the only aircraft I have had this problem with, I have the PMDG 737NG and that is no problem, but at the moment this is rendering the 747 as unuseable as I have crashed into many taxiying aircraft whilst on the ground when the AdvDisp window is open. :oops: I know the obvious option is to stop taxying to prevent myself crashing, but when on final approach into somewhere like LHR that isn't really feasable. :? " If anyone can please help I would be extremely grateful. Many thanks, Steve.
  10. Hi, I use the UK2000 scenery without any problems, just ensure that you make the relevant mytraffic bgl's for that airport passive and everything works OK. You will have full MyTraffic AI and everything will taxi and park in the right places. Regards, Steve.
  11. Hi, Can someone please confirm that when you create a flight using MyTraffic Editor that it will always automatically create the return leg for you? For example, I have just created a Swissair flight from LSZH to EGLL using flight number 316 leaving at 0650 and arriving at 0752. Later on in the schedules I see that I have a flight 316 returning from EGLL to LSZH (leaving at 0835 and arriving at 0937), this is not a flight I created as I only did the outbound leg and I was wondering if MyTraffic Editor had created an inbound leg and that it had to be there for everything to work properly. i.e You have to end up back where you started for it to work. The entry from MyRoutes.dat is: A332-Sw1 ,HB-­IQE , 10,ONE_DAY,IFR { 0650 ,EGLL,290,316 0835 ,LSZH,290,316 } If this is the case, is it possible just to create a flight that doesn't return, or if it does the flight number and times can be changed to make it a bit more realistic. Also if anyone is wondering I did notice that the Swiss A330-200 have been listed incorrectly in the MyAircraft.dat file that came with Big Twins and that they were showing up as A330-Sw1 and not A332-Sw1 in case anyone wonders why they don't work you need to alter it. Many thanks, Steve.
  12. Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble with MyTraffic editor when it comes to creating flights. I can't seem to get it to recognise the flight numbers. For example I have created a British Midland flight number 278. However, when I listen to ATC in FS2002 all it calls is "Midland Zero" as opposed to "Midland 278". I notice that most of the flights in the auto schedule are 7 digits long, but I know FS2002 doesn't use flight numbers that long. Is some form of "packing" required, i.e. extra zeros or something at the beginning or end of a flight number in order to get ATC to use the correct callsign? Thanks, Steve. PS. I'm using all the latest versions of the files (Editor 1.2) and BigTwins.
  13. Burkhard, Thanks for getting back to me, I have e-mailed the file to you as requested. Regards, Steve.
  14. Burkhard, Thanks for getting back to me, I have e-mailed the file to you as requested. Regards, Steve.
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