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  1. hacker alert?

    I purchased the sector disk. Also I went to the *** (address part of message received as contact for support) that was on your document and all od suden received a warning that my computer was blocked out due to viras and other problems told to call microsoft at 1********** for help. I did so. after about an hour time working with a tech paul wood I got a message telling me all that was wrong withnmy pc had 20000 virus and malware. I had was running avast internet security, winzip malware protection. finally the tech after showing me all that was wrong I was told a one time fix would be 149$ subscription year 349$. I immediately hung up and had one h of time recovering control of my system. Harry dunkerton *** Order receipt from BMT Micro, Inc. Order ID:*** Qty Product Description Price Discount Subtotal 1 18370616 feelThere - KATL for Tracon! 2012 USD 17.99 USD 0.00 USD 17.99
  2. what radio frequencies for departues for ATL Sector