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  1. We have FS2004, FSX and Prepar3D installed on a PC. When I installed FSUIPC version 4.943, it installed in FSX and Prepar3D but not in FS2004. How can I install FSUIPC in FS2004 also?
  2. Has anyone used Precision Flight Controls with Prepar3D? We have a PFC modular flight deck that uses a serial port to interface with a PC running FSX or Prepar3D. PFC has an installer that loads a DLL for FSX, and PFC shows up in the Add Ons menu along with FSUIPC after install. The installer is named PFC_Serial_Driver_FSX which was downloaded from the PFC website. An info window is shown when running then installer, and it has a section that is titled "INSTALLATION FOR Prepar3D v2:". In this section is the message: !! WARNING !! This version of Prepar3D is later than any known by this
  3. You're right I was making an error, I had a typo in the name. Fixed that and it registered.
  4. FSUIPC version is 4.939u. Interesting, the install instructions say to "Use cut-and-paste from the original to do this" when entering the key, which I did, but I then tried again with entering the key by hand. Same result, I get a message saying "Sorry, this Key is not a valid 12-character key."
  5. MOVED FROM THE "FAQ" SUBFORUM I recently purchased the key for FSUIPC. I installed FSUIPC (latest version) on my PC, registered it with the key, everything worked fine. I then installed FSUIPC on a lab PC, and when I entered the key in the registration screen, I got the error message that the key is invalid. Cut and pasted from the same file as on my PC. Verified the lab PC clock was accurate. The installing and registering FSUIPC4 doc that came with FSUIPC lists only invalid PC clock and old versions of FSUIPC as reasons for invalid key problems. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  6. Hmm, the code I have says: if (dwError != FS6IPC_MESSAGE_SUCCESS) then it got an error. FS6IPC_MESSAGE_SUCCESS = 1, so it's looking for a 1 for a return value. The code was able to interface to FS2004 now, although I've run into an annoying problem in that, after FS starts, if I start my app, FS pauses. FS running on XP doesn't pause if my app, or any other app, starts up. But other than that, it looks like I'm up and running. Thanks. BTW, there is an acknowledgement to Adam Szofran at the top of the fsuipc.cpp file. Maybe you, or Mr. Schiratti wrote the fsuipc.cpp and fsuipc.h fi
  7. We developed c++ code about 10 years ago to interface to FS2004 using FSUIPC running on XP. We are in the process updating the code to run on Win7 and FSX. I downloaded the latest FSUIPC 4.939 from schiratti.com and installed it successfully (it found FSX). However, when I try to run our sw, it can't connect to FS. Are the FSUIPC calls the same and the way to connect to FS? I can't recall where I got the fsuipc.h and fsuipc.cpp files, it's been too long. The call that's failing is SendMessageTimeout, which is returning a value of 0 for dwError. I apologize if I'm forgetting to do somethi
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