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  1. Too bad, it looks like they do not make (enough) non-regression tests prior to release.
  2. I can confirm this also. So do I. I have installed the updated SDK, SimConnect.dll and SimConnect.h have not changed. Maybe WASM?
  3. I have re-tested my app using FSUIPC_WAPID.dll and FSUIPC_WAPI.h posted earlier today. I had missed the new way to enumerate Lvars and Hvars, rather than using map's. Everything is OK now. Thanks a lot, and thanks also for the new FSUIPC version.
  4. Hi, I have tested FSUIPC_WAPID.dll posted on April 7th with FSUIPC-WASMv0.4.9, focusing on the King Air's Lvar "XMLVAR_YokeHidden1". I used 2 cases: 1: using fsuipcw_init() with a NULL value as the 1st argument. fsuipcw_getLvarList() returns an empty list fsuipcw_getLvarIdFromName() returns 0 fsuipcw_getLvarFromName() returns 0.0 2: using fsuipcw_init() with a valid window handle as the 1st argument. fsuipcw_getLvarList() results in a runtime error (as already mentioned previously) fsuipcw_getLvarIdFromName() returns 1 fsuipcw_getLvarFromNam
  5. I have installed fsuipc_lvar-module 0.4.5 and tried FSUIPC_WAPI.dll. I am not sure of what the sequence should be, this is what my app does: to begin: fsuipcw_init(handle, 0x1FFF0, myLoggerFunction); fsuipcw_setLogLevel(LOG_LEVEL_TRACE); fsuipcw_setLvarUpdateFrequency(0); fsuipcw_start(); where handle is the Handle to the app main window and myLoggerFunction is my logger function. then: to create a Lvar list file: fsuipcw_createAircraftLvarFile(); // OK, file created in 'work' folder to read a Lvar value: fsuipcw_getLvarFromName(t
  6. Hi, I have downloaded and used v0.4.2. I have also added the calculator to my app. All OK, I used it successfully with a Hvar and a Lvar. Have a good (and deserved) week-end, Dan
  7. Hi John, Nice, I have downloaded the files and updated my app. Everything is OK. A user said he had crashes; as for me, I can switch to another aircraft without any crash, with either your own client or mine. Thank you for providing these improvements to the basic SimConnect interface. For the long term, are your plans to include the Lvars and Hvars in FSUIPC and Lua scripts, similarly to FSX? Dan
  8. Hi John, I have downloaded the v0.4. I found something that may explain why the debug builds had issues. In "WASMIF.cpp": Lines 77 to 83: const char* WASMIF::getEventString(int eventNo) { std::stringstream stream; stream << "#0x" << std::hex << startEventNo + eventNo; std::string result(stream.str()); return result.c_str(); } I think the returned char* is not reliable because result is static and destroyed when the function is exited. My workaround (straightforward, not smart): char buf[300]; const char* WASMI
  9. Hi John, Got it, thank you! Nice, so does my app normally. Yes, that should be supported. However, as it works with a long long or an int in VS, I can add a cast there for you. Well, you are nice to me, but I don't really like to introduce unnecessary code as a workaround to a weakness of my compiler. Not sure why thats not working, Thats the code to get the timestamp for the logger messages. You can pass in your own logging function that will ommit this. I searched the web and I found something, it's the ".count()" that my compiler f
  10. These are the compilation errors (not warnings) I got, in either UNICODE or ANSI mode: In "CDAIdBank.cpp": - line 21: "std::map<int, pair<string, int>>::iterator it;" changed to "std::multimap<int, pair<string, int>>::iterator it;" that's because the iterator is used for "availableBank" declared as "multimap<int, pair<string, int>>" in "CDAIdBank.h" - line 44: ditto - line 33: "string newName = string(CDA_NAME_TEMPLATE + to_string(nextId));" changed to "string newName = string(CDA_NAME_TEMPLATE + to_string((long
  11. Hello, I have tested a number of functions: start(), end(), reload(), getLvarList(), LogVars(), getLvarValue(), getLvar() and setLvar(). I used the source files posted on march 9th and the release 0.2 posted today and made an app inspired after "WASMClient.cpp". My IDE is Embarcadero C++ Builder. I got a few errors at compilation, maybe the compiler is less permissive? I can give you details, if you wish. I made a few modifications and compiled and executed successfully. The only concern is setLvar() that does not work in debug mode, and works in release mode, although the loggi
  12. I solved the issue, but I answer first. Done. FSUIPC7 works in either case. There are differences in the logs; here are samples: FSUIPC started last: 32063 EV_KEYUP received: 0x25 (%) 32063 KEYUP: VK=37, Waiting=0, Shifts=0 32063 .. KeyUp received from FS but not programmed FSUIPC started first: 31484 KEYUP: VK=98, Waiting=0, Shifts=0 31484 .. KeyUp not programmed -- passing on to FS 31484 **** keyUp sent via SendInput or 31469 KEYUP: VK=16, Waiting=0, Shifts=0 31469 .. KeyUp received from FS but not programmed
  13. Hello, I have a 6 degrees of freedom device that I use to control the eyepoint with my own software. Because the relevant SimConnect features (SimConnect_CameraSetRelative6DOF(), EYEPOINT_UP and alike, PAN_UP and alike) and FSUIPC features (such as Eyepoint Right, Pan Right) do not work anymore, I had to modify my app (w.r.t. the FSX version) so as to emulate keystrokes. To do so, I first use SetForegroundWindow() to bring the MSFS window on foreground, then use either SendInputs() (or the older keybd_event()) or a Teensy microcontroller to send the keyboard messages. This works, provided my
  14. I forgot to mention that my first attemp was to get the log file in the root of 'C:' and that it failed. It actually worked in the root of another drive, in my case 'M:'. file=M:\SimConnect%01u.log
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