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  1. I solved the issue, but I answer first. Done. FSUIPC7 works in either case. There are differences in the logs; here are samples: FSUIPC started last: 32063 EV_KEYUP received: 0x25 (%) 32063 KEYUP: VK=37, Waiting=0, Shifts=0 32063 .. KeyUp received from FS but not programmed FSUIPC started first: 31484 KEYUP: VK=98, Waiting=0, Shifts=0 31484 .. KeyUp not programmed -- passing on to FS 31484 **** keyUp sent via SendInput or 31469 KEYUP: VK=16, Waiting=0, Shifts=0 31469 .. KeyUp received from FS but not programmed
  2. Hello, I have a 6 degrees of freedom device that I use to control the eyepoint with my own software. Because the relevant SimConnect features (SimConnect_CameraSetRelative6DOF(), EYEPOINT_UP and alike, PAN_UP and alike) and FSUIPC features (such as Eyepoint Right, Pan Right) do not work anymore, I had to modify my app (w.r.t. the FSX version) so as to emulate keystrokes. To do so, I first use SetForegroundWindow() to bring the MSFS window on foreground, then use either SendInputs() (or the older keybd_event()) or a Teensy microcontroller to send the keyboard messages. This works, provided my
  3. I forgot to mention that my first attemp was to get the log file in the root of 'C:' and that it failed. It actually worked in the root of another drive, in my case 'M:'. file=M:\SimConnect%01u.log
  4. Thank you for yor fast answer. I found the FLT path line and moved SimConnect.ini to xxx\LocalState. I got the expected logging (both console and file, since I had written 'console=Yes'). Note that the log filename did not increment at each MSFS startup until I added 'file_next_index=1'. Thanks again.
  5. This FAQ post explains how to get SimConnect logging, it gives the folder name where to place the required SimConnect.ini file. As for MSFS, it is "USER\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator" (USER replaced by the actual Windows login account name). However, such a folder did not exist in my system. I created it and placed the required SimConnect.ini file in it. I did not get any logging. My MSFS version is Could the folder name have changed since the post update? Or could it be a matter of misspelling?
  6. My left throttle lever has a mechanical detente, but no micro-switch associated. My script polls the lever raw value cyclically: -- get left throttle joystick axis data, and current gauge lever 1 position joy1 = ipc.axis(4, "S") -- left throttle lvarEngine1ThrottlePosition = ipc.readLvar("L:Engine1ThrottlePosition") -- 0 = max, 50 = idle, 100 = full reverse -- reverse ? if joy1 < -14000 then -- reverse asked for desiredReverse = joy1 * aRev + bRev -- 50 = min, 100 = max if desiredReverse > 100 then -- saturate desiredReverse = 100 end if lvarEngine1ThrottlePosition < des
  7. First, I found a workaround: rather than using 2 mixture levers assigned to Mixture1 and Mixture2, I used only 1 lever, assigned to Mixture. This actually controls the 4 VC levers, and surprisingly, even when applying a joystick calibration. There is something odd with the 2-lever configuration, maybe Pete can explain? Then, I went through the FSUIPC and Lua documentation, which made your reply clear to me. I solved the issue by making a Lua script that acquires the 2 lever positions and controls 2 Lvars per engine "L:MixtureRatioLeverX" and "L:MixtureRatioLeverXPosition". Now, I can see the
  8. Hi, Thank you for your quick and extensive reply! As you suggested, I first upgraded the B377 installation. Unfortunatly, it did'nt change anything regarding the mixture levers. So far, I have not used the Lua FSUIPC interface, nor plain Lua (I rather code in C++). I have to go through the documentation and make tests, trying also to keep the calibrations and mapping as they are currently, for the other aircrafts. It will take some time before I can come back and keep you informed. Thanks again.
  9. My configuration: - Win 7 x64, FSX SP2, paid FSUIPC 4.939. - 2 mixture levers controlling the pots of a USB joystick embedded in a home-made pedestal, no specific driver. I have always been using the 2 mixture levers by assigning them to Mixture1 and Mixture2 in FSX and calibrating them in the relevant FSUIPC tab (section 4 of 11: Separate mixture controls), with the checkBox 'Map 1->12, 2->34' checked. This is fine for all 2 or 4-engine aircrafts I know, except for the A2A Boeing 377 StratoCruiser; in that case, the virtual cockpit levers won't move. I made some tests: - remove assign
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