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  1. Hi Ariel Is it necessary to add my points from the pdf to "Craigs list"? Or does it become unclear for you? Regards Leo.
  2. Sorry Scott, I did not know that this list existed....... TNX
  3. Hi Ariel, Here some suggestions Regards, Rotterdam Suggestions Tower3D.pdf
  4. It is advisable to reinstall the RealTraffic after each installation of a new airport. I had the last RealTraffic run (RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v11), but after installing Barcelona I also had the problem that I had no correct colors after RealColors LEBL. RealTraffic reinstalled and the problem was resolved.
  5. @ Sky King and winsaudi, In order to prevent misunderstandings and unnecessary communication, it is not a question that Tower3D automatically colors the aircraft about arrival or departure, but that there is a possibility for novice controllers to give them a colored tag. Controllers who have more experience and do not find it realistic ... do not use it. Simple as that. If we are talking about being unrealistic ...... In the tower view you can see the lens flares in the morning and evening by a low sun. They are never perceptible with a human eye. Only by a camera. I also asked the developers for the lens flare as an option in the graphical setup. Because that is very unrealistic in the towerview. If someone loves that, give him/her the opportunity to select this in the graphic setup. They are all suggestions to think about to improve the fun of this game. Sorry, simulator Regards, Leo
  6. Craig, Ariel, That was also my good intention. I still love this product.
  7. @ crbascott I started this topic with a question to the developers. Then got the answer that they would add it to their list. So I assumed that there was a "wish list" with their programmers. Then I looked at all the topics and collected all the wishes of various users into one "list". I did this with the positive attitude to improve the product. I hope you experience that too
  8. For so far the checklist for Tower3D Pro II :) Load and save options in the game. By the end of the game, a penalty report. Not only the negative points, but also the reason so you can learn about it. The penalty notice in the game is too short. Towerview rotation by keyboard arrows. Moving with the middle mouse button gives a nervous impression Orientation arrow in the ADIRS pane. Possibilty to change colorsetting Airplane tags. (example posted 4/28/2018/ 12:08 pm) Try to implement Real Colors and Real traffic in the main game. No longer 3th parties. Possibilty to make a notice on the strip. Now its only possible when the strip is transparent on the main screen. When the strip is "undocked" to a second monitor its no longer possible to make a notice on the strip. So guys you have a challenge for the summer of 2018 :) Have a nice weekend ! BTW Is there psychic help available for people who are addicted to this product just like me ?
  9. My idea too. The same strategy as Microsoft. Buy the third parties en implement them.
  10. Hi guys, Is there a possibility (In an existing script) to change the color of an airlplane tag? Sometimes it is hard to read so I have continue change the position of the tag by mouse.
  11. @ Prankenstien, Notice, There is a typing error in the manifest 12 of EDDM. Thai Airways is still blank after installing Real Colors. In the manifest the (TC) is called 74E. Change that in 747 and you have Thai Airways full color. Regards and have fun.
  12. TNX Man.I did not know that. 62 years old and still learning ...... :)
  13. There was indeed a typing error in the manifest 12. By Thai airways (TC) stood 74E instead of 747. Change that and its fixed. For all users who have difficulty with pronouncing the callsigns .... in my case: "Dolomoti" and "Croatia" I have just deleted these airliners from the text file eddm_airlines.txt. Simple but effective. Better than the irritation that a pilot does not respond to my command and must take that mouse again........ I googeled for the airliner "SUNTRUCK" (PGT) but that was unknown. Does anyone knwos where that comes from ? Or is this an made up airliner ?
  14. Maybe I missed something, but you didn't say that.........
  15. Addition to your "bucket list" :) Is it possible to make the "lens flare" as a clickable option in the graphic settings ? A lens flare is very unrealistic in the tower view. It is only seen by a camera and not with your eyes. Such in the most flightsimulators is the lens flare only available in the external views (made by a camera) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My speech recognition has a lot of trouble to recognize CROATIA and DOLOMOTI. So I had the intension to remove those airliners from my schedule.txt but when I search for CTN (CROATIA) and DLA (DOLOMOTI) Notepad can't find them. what am I doing wrong ? Sugestions ?
  16. As often asked, is there a load/save game option in the planning ?
  17. Another sugestion for the developers to increase the level of this product. I am operating with two monitors and speech recognition. (Recommended, its very comfortable.) Is it possible to make "looking around" in te towerview with the arrow keys on your keyboard ? (left, right, up and down) And place a red arrow in the ADIRS for your or orientation ? For example, the same rotating arrow you see in the start-up screen. You notice, I prefere keyboard handling (to prevent RSI) no kidding. I see it so for me: (with speech recognition) Use the arrow keys to "look" at the requesting airplane. Left shift for the PTT switch. Give the command to that airliner and is highlighted on your strip. Direct typing text on your keyboard will automatically set on the strip. OMG.....I am dreaming of this.
  18. Yes I know. But.......... its only possible if the strip is in your main screen. When you "undock" the strip to a second monitor its no longer possible. :-(
  19. To the developers, At first, a great product. My compliments, I have a lot of fun with this simulator. I have 3 questions: Q1 When a plane reports to land, I only see the terminal blue lights up. Only when the pilot has landed I get the "T" in the picture. It would be handy if you already see that "T" when the pilot reports his/her approach. You can then select the nearest runway to that terminal and choose the "exit intersections". Q2 In the previous version of Tower3D-pro I could make notes between the lines on the strips. For example, I listed the desired exit intersection or by taxiing airplanes "HST M" (hold short at taxiway M). This is no longer possible. Can that be programmed again at the next update? Making notes on the strips ? (as in the real tower :) Q3 I purchased EDDM and Real Colors EDDM and was very pleased with my familiar airliners. KLM, Lufthansa, Transavia, Easyjet, they are beautiful. But Thai Airways is still blank. Is this missing in airplanes_texpack12.manifest ? I reported this to nyergesdesign (in my opinion the developer of real colors) but the advised me to put this on your forum. If not, sorry about this. Regards, Leo, The Netherlands
  20. I Purchased EDDM, Real colors EDDM and updated Real Traffic to sp6v6 . Most of the airliners are very good. KLM, Lufthans, Easyjet and so on. But Thai Airways is still blank. Is there a bug in manifest 12 ?
  21. Simon08 Have fun ! Beware of this...... When you are using voice recognition, you have to activate the main monitor. (the towerview) IF you select one of the undocked panes by mouse, the voice recognition works not properly.
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