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  1. Pete Thank you for the explanation. I obviously cannot do what I want to with this model but you have given me some options to look at. Cheers Jock McIntyre
  2. Pete. Thank you for your response. I do not have the 'No Reverse Zone' ticked in 4 throttles page. However, I notice in the Users Manual under Joystick Calibration, there is a box 'IMPORTANT: Throttles for Wilco Airbus users (and possibly other Airbus add-ons)'. I guess the Aerosoft Airbus could well fall into the description in the brackets. Understand what I need to do in the .ini file and change to 'Send to FS' and select 'Axis_Throttlen_Set' etc and calibrate. The fact is with 'Send to FSUIPC' and NOT calibrating, the throttles are fine. So it comes back to the question (given that the AS Airbus falls into the 'Throttles for Wilco Airbus users (and possibly other Airbus add-ons))' category, can I somehow configure reverse thrust on these throttles using FSUIPC? Thanks again for your attention, Pete. Cheers Jock McIntyre
  3. I am attempting to calibrate my CH throttles in the Aerosoft 318, 319 Professional, with FSUIPC. I have successfully created the Axis with ‘Throttle 1 etc’ and ‘Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration’. I have not calibrated but can see the numbers incrementing for both throttles in the ‘Joystick Calibration’ tab on the “separate throttles per engine’ page. While this setup is manageable, I would like to calibrate for reverse thrust. Is this possible? Any assistance would be appreciated. Cheers Jock McIntyre
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