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  1. Hi Thomas, thank you very much! The updates solved it. I was not aware, that there are so many updates with FSUIPC. Will watch out in the future! Michael
  2. Hi Thomas, What I didn't mention (thought, it's irrelevant): I also moved the switch from the Sim PC to a client. So I am sending the command via WideFS. Now I tested the switch directly with a standard plane on the Sim PC again: and it's working! I can turn on and off the parking brake (the red info box from P3D is showing and hiding accordingly) Using the same configuration via WideFS, it's not working. I can turn the parking brake on, but not off (the info box stays on) I attached the desired log files in any case (activations of Parking Brake done by switch / releases done by toggle joystick button command) Thanks for your help! Michael WideServer.log FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.log
  3. Hi all, I am now having a strange problem with my parking brake switch. The release of the parking brake is not identified anymore. Using: Jeehell (latest version) + P3d v4.5 + FSUIPC 5.1 + Mobiflight (latest version) The switch for my parking brake was working for the last 180 years. I didn't change the confg, but I updated all the above mentioned software to newest versions after resetting my PC from Win7 to Win10. Now the activation of the parking brake is still working. But the deactivation (value 0 to offset 0BC8) is not identified by Jeehell. It is identified by Mobiflight though, why I guess, it's not an FSUIPC issue. What I tried: - tried with a standard plane within P3D > same effect - tried revers programming of my switch > now activation of PB is working on button release event. Deactivation of PB on button push still not working (so switch should be ok) - tried older Jeehell version > same effect What else can I do to circle the root cause of this issue? Thanks for your help! Michael
  4. Thomas, Pete, thanks for your quick response. I finally found the error this morning: I didn't install the FSUIPC module for Jeehell on the computer, runnning the Jeehell server. I had it installed on the P3D computer only. Now it's working as always before. But thanks again. Good to know now about the FSUIPC button logging feature! Thanks, Michael
  5. Hi Pete, all I am having a problem with button events, that are no longer identified, or at least not executed on the aircraft. Not sure where the problem lies exactly. I am using several Arduino boards for my home cockpit. So far I was running all hardware, Arduino cards (Mobiflight) and the aircraft server (Jeehell) directly on the P3D computer. To increase performance on P3D, I now moved the Jeehell server, hardware and I/O cards to one of my networked computers to connect via WideFS (Arduino) and SimConnect(Jeehell). WideFS is working fine (I can use my Skalarki hardware for example. I could also test all LEDs connected to the Arduinos). But nearly all Arduino button events are not executed anymore. Mobiflight identifies the button press and also indicates that FSUIPC/WideFS is working. But the only function, that is executed on the aircraft, is the parking brake. All other functions (7 Arduino cards) are not working anymore. So I guess, there is a central aspect, that I am missing. But after diverse tests I still have no clue. To narrow down on the error I tried configuring the entries again. I finally took a new Arduino board and just set up 2 functions: parking brake and taxi light. I tried connection on the client computer as well as on the P3D computer. Both with same effect: parking brake is working; taxi light isn't. I am using the same offsets settings, that used to work before. That's what I don't understand at all! FSUIPC and WideFS are registered. In the FSUIPC log I could see, that both were running. However I couldn't figure out how to use the logging feature to check, if the different button events are recognized by FSUIPC at all. Extract of last log: 21435 -------------------- Starting everything now ---------------------- 21466 ASN active function link set 21466 Ready for ActiveSky WX radar with additional data 22558 Advanced Weather Interface Enabled 421265 Sim stopped: average frame rate for last 377 secs = 27.9 fps 421265 Max AI traffic was 24 aircraft (Deleted 0) 434416 === Closing session: waiting for DLLStop to be called ... 450531 === DLLStop called ... 450531 === Closing external processes we started ... 451529 === About to kill any Lua plug-ins still running ... 451685 === Closing global Lua thread 452684 === About to kill my timers ... 452887 === Restoring window procs ... 452887 === Unloading libraries ... 452887 === stopping other threads ... 452887 === ... Button scanning ... 452996 === ... Axis scanning ... 453089 === Releasing joystick devices ... 453089 === Freeing macro memory 453089 === Removing any offset overrides 453089 === Closing all WideFS threads Thanks for your help! Michael
  6. Hi Pete, aarrgh! Too stupid on my side. Tried per copy/paste...now it's working. However, thanks for your quick support! Michael
  7. Hi Pete, thanks for the support. Will do on Saturday. Best, Michael
  8. Hi Pete, thanks for your quick reply. I am using exactly the same name and email, as I can see from my order details. ??? Michael
  9. Hi all, I upgraded to FSUIPC 5 to use it with P3dv4. Registration ok. But my WideFS 7 licencey key (from 2014) is not accepted. Am I missing something? Michael
  10. Hallo Volker, 1. FSX 2. FSUIPC/ WideFS 4.949h 3. I use the FSC in a network! Yes 4. FS Commander and Database Manager: FSC v9501 5. Which provider and period of the AIRAC Cycle: Navigraph 11/15 6. Download 7. Win 7 Danke für Deinen Support!
  11. I tried mounting the drive or the folder. Same effect. FSC is not installed in programs folder. Michael
  12. Hi all, hope you can help. I am running FSX on server pc (Win 7). FSX is located under drive F:/FSX. I installed FSC v9501 on client pc (Win 7) and mounted drive F: from server as drive Z: on my client pc. I also installed WideFS and have a connection. Within the database manager I select Z: and the corresponding FSX folder in the left folder box. The right Box for the scenery automatically jumps to the z drive's top folder and then greys out, so I am unable to make selection manually. I also copied the scenery file to the fsx folder as "scenerycfg.fsc", as suggested, but still the update button keeps being inactive. Hope, anyone can point me in the right direction! Thanks, Michael Edit: I installed and run apps as admin! The client has full write/read rights
  13. Yeah! It's working! After 2 weeks of working from fsuipc via Linda to LUA and endless hours of software trial & error' ing I now have my very first button of my self made airbus cockpit working! Time for a beer now - cheers and thanks for making my day, Pete! Michael
  14. Hello, before opening up a new thread, I thought, it's may be better to jump in here, as I am just being at a very similar step in my effort to run my first lua script... I already have my script saved in the fsx/modules folder ("mg_airbus_pedestal.lua") an now want to run it by button assignment. But I can't find the script in the dropdown list within FSUIPC's button assignment section. I tried it with reloading FSX and I tried to check, where the other LUA scripts are located, that are in the dropdown list by default. Nothing helped... I guess, I am missing something somewhere. Would be great, if you could point me in the right direction! So hopefully, I haven't mixed up the content here... thanks! Michael
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