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  1. I'll still run P3D Pro v3.4 awhile, but I've upgraded my P3D Pro 4.0 client to 4.1 and plan to stay up to date. My opinion: onward !
  2. Thanks. I was monitoring the VAS offset to the title bar, but always got the console window when I did that, even though I wasn't logging Details\Extras or anything... Was also curious what ASN might be sending to the console window that was triggering the dings. They don't happen when the console window isn't running. I can use Process Explorer for VAS monitoring. Will look around for the Lua plug in you mention. Sounds useful. Chuck
  3. Hi Peter – Encountered an FSUIPC 4 console window logging funny I thought everyone should be aware of – and perhaps you have an explanation/fix for it: For several years I’ve been monitoring FSX VAS using your suggested method of logging it to the FSUIPC console window. Has always worked well. After installing the latest HiFi ASN SP3 upgrade, noticed that the usual stream console stream Client Request String “Pws” Client Request String “Dwc” Is interspersed every second or two with: Client Request String “ExtrXXXXX” where XXXX are 2-5 garbage characters. If I crank up ASN weather so I’m in layers of overcast, FSUIPC starts dinging, and the sound is synchronous with each ExtrXXXXX line in the console window. Happens whenever ASN is running, independent of aircraft, or other simconnect processes. I am using Fixer DX10. I'm certain the ding was not the FSUIPC VAS alert – I well recall what that was like and now use Fixer DX10 and always have a gig free.) p Udated FSUIPC 4.939 to 4.943 this, but it made no change. Couldn’t find any docs on log window client request strings or the ding alerts in the FSUIPC user or advanced guides. No related reports on the FSUIPC or HiFi forums that I could find. But I am certain you will know what the log console messages and sound indicate. My system is a 3.2 ghz i7, 12 gb mem, NVidia560ti, running Win7-64, FSXSp2, DX10 Fixer, ASN SP3, 15-30 fps is typical. As it is, ASN SP3 seems to work fine, so it's not a HiFi problem, just a FSUIPC logging function issue. The FSUIPC dings every few seconds in weather are a distraction, so I’ve had to logging off and monitor VAS another way. But I'd like to understand what's happening, and if there is a way to get logging running silently. Meanwhile I remain a longtime happy user of FSUIPC 3/4! Chuck