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  1. Pete, Thank you for responding to all the questions from an impatient crowd.? /Stephen Slot Odgaard (loooong time user)
  2. Hi, Just to inform you that the definitions of Paint218 Iberia and 219 Scandinavian by mistake has been swapped in the A320MX aircraft.cfg file. ;-) /Stephen
  3. Hi, I am in pursuit to improve the aircraft lighting of the MyTraffic6 aircraft in my own installation. It seems that lights are not defined in the aircraft.cfg file but perhaps rather inside the aircraft model? It also seems that the strobelights are not active above 10000 ft. Is this correct? Is there a way to disable the built in lights of the MyTraffic6 aircraft such that I in the aircraft.cfg files can improve them from scratch? Further - is there a standard definition of the Origo of the coordinate systems that all Mytraffic6 aircraft follow. Thanks in advance.
  4. Just to follow up on this - I am a potential new customer :-) I am using P3Dv2.4 by the way. A couple of questions: 1) When browsing I see a number of MyTraffic products, hereunder also some identified as Aerosoft. The whole naming developing is a bit confusing to follow. Is that all development of the same product where the latest just released version is v6? 2) How does MyTraffic 6 integrate with VATSIMs vPilot? /Stephen
  5. Hi Burkhard, What to do after having generated the list?
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