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  1. OK that worked for NAV. I had to change your line to this: string.format("1%02X.%02X", STBYNAV2R/256, STBYNAV2R%256) This does show the lagging 0s.
  2. Thanks Pete, OK i see what you are doing. That also will help with the BARO as well. I am testing with the Fight1 Super B200 and it shows the .001th location in the PFD COMS display. thanks so much for your help I will give it a try.
  3. Hi Pete, My first post here and your site is a great help. I have a question. I am creating a LUA Menu Display system that displays the softkeys and controls for all functions in the G1000 PFD. The user uses 1- 2 position switch to move through the menu selections up and down and 1 button to activate the item highlighted. I am working on the last part of this scrip and I have created the NAV1 and NAV2 Radio menus. The menus look like what is below so you can see what i am trying to do: As you can see I am reading offset 311E and converting them for display with: STBYNAV2R = ipc.readSW(0x
  4. Hi Pete, I am having the exact same problem, I am creating a Linda Lua script that is a menu display for the G1000 PFD. The idea is not to use the mouse to select options in the G1000. I am creating a new window. If i use ipc.setdisplay() 25 times in P2D v2.5 it hangs. I found a work around where i create the display once and put the Title Display line at line 0 using the ipc.display("Display line \n1 \n2,,,). How can i tell if another application created a display so i can then rectreat it again? thanks for your help Creating the display and then calling the text to fill it from o
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