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  1. Thank you Burkhard for your help. Sorry, I didn't quite understand what I read regarding the absence of the folder in FSX. It now works. Part of my problem is the illustration screenshot in the MyTraffic 6 Installation Guide found in the MyTraffic Communicator shows the MyTraffic folder located within the Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder. I have problems reading, so I tend to look at pictures to figure things out.
  2. I have the same problem, no My Traffic folder in the FSX main folder. I ran the communicator and pointed to the FSX main folder and clicked OK but nothing happened. The communicator didn't process anything. I also restarted the computer and tried again. I then ran the repair function on the installer and repeated the process. Still no folder. The manage FSX.cfg function did work though. I also turned off Microsoft Security Essentials. Using Win 7.
  3. Hi Volker, I have read section 2.1 of the manual. I have FSC working on both computers now. I run the database manager on the server and copy the files over to the client after I run it. And I make flight plans on the server and copy them to the client also. So all is well. Thank you for you help. Sincerely, Clarence
  4. Hi Volker, Thanks for the link. I have checked the registry on both machines and the EnableLinkedConnections is set to a value of 1. It is a mystery to me because the datatbase manager does see the other drive on the server. When I check the sharing settings on both server drives, they are identical. I ran the datatbase manager on the server and then copied the relevent files to the client to get FSC running. I could also make flight plans that way if I can have two computers with the same registration key for FSC. Is that allowed? If so, I think I can live with this problem if it can't be solved. Thanks, Clarence
  5. Hi, I have been using FSC 8 on a network computer for years and it has worked well. But recently I purchased Nav Data Pro and updated the data base in FSC 8. That broke FSC 8. So, I purchased FSC 9 and uninstalled FSC 8 and installed FSC 9 using "run as administrator" option as the manual states. The problem I am having now is FSC 9 Database Manager cannot see the the FSX drive on the server. FSC 9 does connect through WideFS though. The network is connected and the FSX drive is visible from the client in windows explorer. I have followed all these suggestions with no success: "The Database Manager does not assume the settings of the Explorer. The operating system provides the DBManager the settings if they are actually available. But for Windows, there are sometimes problems. Start Windows Explorer and click all mapped drives gradually to, so that the files are displayed in the right part of the Windows Explorer shortly. Only now emulate Windows network drives for some programming languages as local drives. This applies to the FSCommander and for the FSCDBManager. Regards, Volker" I am using: 1. FS X 2. FSUIPC ver 4.937 / WideFS ver 6.999 3. FS Commander ver and Database Manager ver 4. Provider and period of the AIRAC Cycle= Navdata Pro ver 1023 5.Downloaded version from Simmarket Order Number 1264863. 6. Operating System Windows 7/64 on both computers. Thank you for any help. Clarence Bloodworth
  6. I get the same error when I try to run the "patches to version 5.2" from the communictor. Best regards, Bill
  7. Hi Pete, That option is checked. And now that you mention it, the problem started after I checked that little box. I am therefore confident I can address the problem effectively with the information you provided. Like uncheck that little box. :D Thank you, Bill Worth
  8. Sorry if this is covered somewhere. I searched this forum and avsim forum and the pdf file for FSUIPC 4.3 and didn't find anything. The problem is: FSX pauses and reloads air, land, and sea traffic every few minutes. I am running FSX SP2 on a Vista 64 machine. When I remove the FSUIPC.dll file from the modules folder the problem goes away. Any help would be appreciated. Bill
  9. No, don't go to a lot of trouble. I thought MT2006 was the latest version for FS2004 but now I see the latest version for FS2004 is packaged with My Traffic X. So, I need to buy that product. Thank you, Bill
  10. Greetings from Colorado, I had to completely uninstall FS2004. Now I am reloading all my programs and I can't find the service pack(s) for MT2006. The "Downloads, Patch" link on the MT2006 website says service pack 2 isn't available. (I think I need service pack 1 as well.) Also, I need the thingy that does the DXT1 conversions to help with stuttering. Any help will be appreciated. Best regards, Bill
  11. Hi, I will send a screen shot the next time I see the funny 757's. I moved the FSLive aircraft folders and determined there was no AI airline traffic. So, I put the FSLive folders back and removed all the MT2006 folders that related to airlines and left the folders that were for the military traffic. Now I am getting some AI airline traffic. Should I move the MT2006 airliners back into FS9 also? Thank you, Bill Worth
  12. Hi again, I have noticed some strange looking B757's. They seem to have a pedestal protruding out of the belly while on the ground. I tried to figure out why and I noticed I have duplicate aircraft folders in FS9 for each aircraft type (MT2006 and FSLive). Should I remove the folders that FSLive Traffic installed? Thanks, Bill Worth
  13. Thank you Husain. I found it! All the Best, Bill
  14. I currently have MT2004 and us FS Live Traffic with it. Does the new version (MT2006) work with FS Live Traffic? Thanks, Bill Worth
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