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  1. Thanks Paul and Andy, much appreciated. Andy- I did start out using profiles, see my message of several days ago: I would agree, looking at the documentation, that profiles are the answer that I'm really looking for- however I kept getting the "profile" checkbox grayed out (when it was checked), with a profile assigned- at the time I had 2 profiles created, one for single props an one for twin jets, and the grayed out checked check boxes appeared to be assigning the correct profile to various aircraft that I had not yet assigned profiles to, although I was getting the "twin jet" profile assigned to the MD11 (at least it was a jet, but I was going to re-assign my throttles for this a/c). Thanks, Bruce.
  2. I have read the advanced manual regarding tjis topic, and have set the variable to SubString in fsuipc.ini. I have several aircraft that have a common word in the "title" section of the aircraft.cfg, and would like to enter 1 set of axis and button settings for all the aircraft. At least, that's what I think this feature does. So, the common word that I want to use- where do I enter that in the fsuipc.ini file? Do I need to create an "aircraft specific" setting in FSUIPC first, then go edit the name (presumably the entire title)to the common word in the .ini file where the aircrfat specific settings are listed? (I know the common word is contained in the title, but assuming that if I leave the entire title then every word becomes a "common word", which is not what I want). Thanks, Bruce.
  3. Hi Pete, I couldn't see this issue referenced in the forum. I am using Profiles, for the first time, they're cool! I am running FSUIPC v4.60a, registered. My thoughts were to create an FSX generic profile for single props, dual props, twin jets. Then make specific profiles for variations of -say- twin jets, for the likes of Level D's B763, which has the opportunity to do more with custom key assignments (more than the generic FSX stuff). I created so far my generic single prop and dual jet, and am now trying to assign a new profile to the Level D B763 twin jet for the "Axis Assignment" tab. However, the checkbox for "Profile Specific?" is already checked and grayed out. The axis assignments appear to be the same as I set for the generic jet twin. (However, I am able to access the same checkbox on the "Buttons + Switches" tab.) Is FSUIPC seeing somehow that the Level D B763 is a "twin jet", and so just grabbing the predefined assignment for "twin jet"? With no ability to cancel out of it and then create a customized dual jet one? I hope I'm making sense here. If not, let me try again. :) Thanks, Bruce. Edit: I just tried the PMDG MD11, and am still getting the same issue above, where the FSUIPC Axis Assignment "Profile Specific" checkbox is checked and grayed out. Once again, the axis appears to be the twin jet one (just going by the mapping between my joystick (2) levers and the functions they are controlling. Is there perhaps a larger class of "jet" (regardless of engines) at play here perhaps? I will need to find a way to re-assign my joystick levers for the Tri-jet. Obviously, going back to a string of aircraft specific settings will work too. Thanks, Bruce.
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