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  1. Hi Jesus. All of my virtual cockpit buttons/knobs etc worked ok, after initial installation. The only exception, as mentioned, was the engine start knobs. I found that by shifting my viewpoint, slightly, I was able to get them working, also. No problems with 'black' display. Perhaps if you posted a screen shot, someone here might be able to help. Algy
  2. Hi Alex Yes I know about the glass shield, however I did manage to get it working by shifting my viewpoint in the virtual cockpit. Previously, I had a fixed viewpoint, set up by Ezdok. Shifting this viewpoint slightly, seems to have done the trick. Cheers Alastair
  3. Engine stop/start/auto rotary knobs inoperative in VC mode. 2D panel works ok. Anyone else find this? Thanks Alastair
  4. Pete Thanks, sorted. Needless to say, previously I had everything running, including a working WideFS link. I set up Mix-w 'paired' ports to Com3 and Com4. Assigned Com3 in WideFS client .INI and this time Autoroute seemed to find Com4, so all is well. Thanks again Alastair
  5. Pete Thanks for the reply. WideFs is working ok across the network, so no problem there. To be more specefic. 1. I have set GPSOut .ini file to include the following: Port=WideFs (as per the manual) 2. When I install Mixw it offers a multiple choice of 'paired' Com ports in XP hardware (Q. which ones do I choose?) 3. In the WideFS Client .ini file [GPSOut] section, which com port do I put in here? 4. When I run the map program it has the facility to automatically search the com ports for a GPS, but is not finding any. I have used GPSOut with Autoroute using a wired null modem cable, in the past, so the basic settings should be ok. Thanks again
  6. Hi If anyone on the list has managed to successfully link up GPSOut with a mapping program (eg Autoroute) across a wireless network, using Mix-W serial port bridge, I would very much like to see the relevant 'Snippets' from your config files. (especially how you set up the Mix-W ports). BTW my client computer has no 'actual' serial ports. (i.e. laptop) Many thanks, in advance. Alastair ps I am using registered versions of FSUIPC and WideFs
  7. Pete I tried as you suggested and assigned (I thought) a button to emulate the F12 key (push/release) on the networked computer. Nothing! As you suggest it is probably highly software dependant, and therefore way beyond my scope. In the end I settled for 'plan B' and hard wired a small PTT switch into the networked computer keyboard, and attaching same to the FS yoke. Anyway, Pete, thanks again for your assistance and keep up the good work with your excellent software. Regards Al
  8. Pete Thanks again. I did read the manual, several times, , but sometimes I feel that I am getting a wee bit out of my depth. Anyway, must go a do a bit more reading Al
  9. Pete Thanks for the quick reply. The voice client is neither RW/AVC/Squawkbox3 but ATOC voice module for the FPI network. Any key on the 2nd machine can be assigned for PTT Would it be possible, for example to include a routine, here, which I could cut and paste into the WideFs .INI file. Any help appreciated. Al
  10. I am a relative beginner to networking, so excuse me if this question has been asked before. I have registered versions of FSUIPC and WideFs The main computer (XP) runs FS9 and the 2nd computer runs the voice client for FS9 (ATOC Voice module). Ideally I would like PTT on the 2nd computer to be operated by a yoke button on the main computer. i.e if I press an assigned button on the yoke this would simulate key F12 (for example) on the 2nd computer. Can this be achieved? Many thanks Al
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