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  1. Hello all, I did a quick test flight. I had the same results as Dave reported above. Correct when AircraftWindRev=No and incorrect with AircraftWindRev=Yes. Seems like a problem with ASVE Direct Wind Control...but I like to keep that on becuase there are more reporting stations with ActiveSky than with default FS weather -- especially over water. Thanks Pete & Dave for the testing and temporary fix. -Christian
  2. Ok, I did some more testing, and here are the results. With 3.51... Wind: 277@35 HDG: 181 (can't be right, wind's coming from other direction) TRK: 184 FMC: 4 kt tailwind; 35 kt crosswind 2DE0 (FLT64): 276.0000 2DE8 (FLT64): 36.0000 I forgot to write down the TAS & GS! But, the TAS was 367 and the GS was showing around 335. And, on pause, the TAT was shifting back and forth from -5 to +1 and the mach was changing from M0.483-0.588 as before. I then quit ASVE and the wind shifted to 321@35 and the TAS/GS/HDG/TRK/FMC all showed correct values. With 3.50... Wind: 277@35 HDG: 189 TRK: 184 TAS: 367 GS: 367 FMC: 1 kt headwind; 35 kt crosswind 2DE0: 276.0000 2DE8: 36.0000 All seems to be correct in 3.50 Thanks, Christian PS Using ActiveSky V Enhanced Build 367.
  3. Hi, Ok, I did some testing and here it is... In both tests (3.50 & 3.51) I turned off wind smoothing. 3.51 Wind: 277@35 on both ND and Shift-Z TRK: 190 GS: 335 (should've been around 363) TAS: 367 FMC showed: Headwind 2 kts; crosswind 35 kts 02B4 (U32): 11288222 02B8 (U32): 46967 3470 (FLT64): -3.9446 3480: (FLT64): 17.53* 2DC8: -22.66* 2DD8: 54.60* The values followed with a * mean that during pause, the values were flashing rapidly between two different numbers, so I took the number while unpaused. Also, during the pause the TAT shifted quickly between -5 to +1 continuously. And, the mach number was changing from .481-.588 because of the temp change. Keep in mind, this was with ASVE running. When ASVE was off, the flashing/changing values did not occur. They also did not occur with ASVE running with 3.50. 3.50 Wind: 277@35 on both ND & Shift-Z TRK: 190 GS: 362 TAS: 365 FMC: headwind 2 kts; crosswind 35 kts 02B4: 12304589 02B8: 46729 3470: 17.9213 3480: -1.8836 2DC8: 59.0321 2DD8: 3.2350 From my point of view, there seems to be a problem with ASVE running with 3.51. I loaded the default 737 with ASVE & 3.51 and had the same problems of the values changing rapidly. Someone in the ActiveSky forum also did some testing. They said with ASVE & 3.50 they had no problems, but with ASVE & 3.51 they had some issues (TAS & GS), and they noted that when using 3.51 & FS weather those issues were no longer seen. Hope this helps, Christian
  4. Yes, using Pythagorean Theorem, you get a total wind of 37 knots. But, if you break those up into vectors, you get a 17 knot tailwind and a 33 knot crosswind as the FMC shows. The only wind affecting groundspeed will be the headwind or tailwind component of the total wind. In this case, 17 knots. To make sure I wasn't going crazy, I computed the winds both on a "regular" E6B and an electronic one. They both show a groundspeed of about 383 knots. That would make the FMC correct, a tailwind of 17 knots (GS minus TAS). But, the groundspeed on the ND shows 402 knots - when it should be about 383 based on E6B calculations. You say, "the wind is pushing you sideways twice as much as it is forwards! You have to take the resultant wind vector to derive GS!" Not quite, if you have a direct crosswind of 100 knots, your GS will not change by 100 knots. GS would be derived from the components of the total wind, not the total wind itself. Anyway, this problem is not showing up in 3.50, so I will use that for now. -Christian
  5. Shift-Z shows the same winds as ND...variation in the area was 0
  6. Hello, I have posted a message in the ActiveSky forum regarding the following problem...I'm not sure with whom the problem lies... I use PMDG aircraft and ActiveSky in FS9 and there seems to be a discrepancy with wind reporting - I have wind smoothing turned on in ActiveSky. I have posted a screenshot here for clarification. There are also more pictures on the ActiveSky forum. The FMC shows a tailwind of 17 knots but the ND shows a GS of 402 and a TAS of 367 making a 35 knot tailwind. I have also had a problem where there is a tailwind and the ND shows a headwind and vice versa. I read in the 3.51 release notes that that problem was resolved, but I seem to still have it! See: http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/135350.jpg Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Christian PS I created a weather log file of the above flight if you are interested.
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