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  1. Hello again Peter unfortunately I am unable to do this due to the pmdg fault I have as quoted by John dowson , I think I will just have to pretend it’s an old 777 with worn throttle levers. Richard
  2. thankyou Pete for the reply i will give that a try this weekend richard
  3. ok thankyou very much for the reply ,just seemed a little strange that prepar 3dv4 i had no problems with the fsuipc setup with pmdg's 777 richard
  4. Hello Please can somebody help me i have a problem trying to set up my saitek throttle quadrants within fsuipc 6.1.5 , on prepar 3dv5 , with a pmdg 777 aircraft , i have never had this problem before and i have had all registered versions of fsuipc since prepar 3dv3. The problem i have is that i axis assign my left and right throttle to throttle 1 and throttle 2 (to send direct to fsuipc calibration) with no problem at all they behave as they should in the sim , i then go to joystick calibration page 3 separate throttles per engine , as soon as i select set for throttles 1 and 2 they become unresponsive it seems that the reverse thruster levers activate and the speed brake deploys so the throttle levers cant move, if i select reset then click on exclude THROTTLEn_SET everything reverts to how it was obviously due to no axis has been set now, not sure what to do know i have deleted profiles and ini files and joystick scans all to no avail. Also im just putting this out there but has anybody been able to calibrate the thrustlevers on a saitek yoke throttle quadrant and a separate throttle quadrant, so that when you are moving both levers together they give the same amount of power to both engines throttle 2 seems to give 10% more power then throttle 1 , i was hoping i might be able to fiddle around with the slope settings in fsuipc to counteract this problem but with the above problem it is not possible. regards richard sankey FSUIPC6before.ini FSUIPC6after.ini FSUIPC6before.log FSUIPC6.log
  5. please can somebody help me i have just purchased My Traffic 6 the problem i am having is that as soon as i have set up the program and added the my traffic destination folder to the scenery section of the flight simulator,i get the infamous simconnect does not answer within 10 seconds then ezdok camera shuts down,the program loads all the my traffic planes but its no use without the ezdok. The flight simulator i am using is Prepar3d 2.5 thanks in advance for any advice richard
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