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  1. Viva DLL updated for P3D 3.4

    Got it and installed. All OK... Thanks Bill.
  2. I have not installed it yet so I don't know if it breaks Heron's viva.dll. Orbx objectflow dll was updated today. EDIT: Yup it's broken.
  3. Nantucket Updates

    I have been flying the Orbx enhanced Nantucket and it's better than default but doesn't come anywhere close your photo.
  4. Nantucket Updates

    Looking great, I'm ready! Now I need that Carenado King Air.
  5. Viva.dll updated for P3D 3.3

    OK Bill, I'll give it a go. If you don't hear from me, it's good. OK Bill, all is well with P3Dv3.3.5.17625 That's P3Dv3.3 with the latest hotfix.
  6. Viva.dll updated for P3D 3.3

    My sentiments exactly! ASN and Orbx just fixed the fix also and IS3 will follow suite one day. I wouldn't expect another L/M update until version 4.
  7. Viva.dll updated for P3D 3.3

    Thanks Bill, LM released a hotfix yesterday. The new dll works with the hotfix if you select run once when you receive the warning about the dll not being compatible. I know it's hard to keep up with all the changes.
  8. Mesh Herons Nest

  9. Mesh Herons Nest

    P3Dv3.3 has been released so the viva dll needs an update.
  10. New viva version for P3D 3.2 users

    After loading the latest client from L/M, it looks good for me.
  11. New viva version for P3D 3.2 users

    Mike, After the initial release, they made a patch for the subscription folks and issued a new client. They stated that folks that made the first download and didn't have the subscription problem didn't need the patch. They didn't consider the addon folks.
  12. New viva version for P3D 3.2 users

    Mike, are you running P3Dv3.2 ? I have solved the mystery. After Lockheed released the 3.2 version, They released a patch for thos folks who have subscription based license. Lockheed stated that those users with regular license did not need the patch. It appears that the P3D viva.dll is tied to the latest Lockheed patch for P3Dv3.2. I have installed the patch and I can start p3D v3 normally now.
  13. New viva version for P3D 3.2 users

    Bill, I am running P3Dv3.2 and the new module doesn't work for me. I get the start message of the incompatible module and activate the "check on line" button and it can't find a compatible version. I activate the "run once" button and the sim loads. I then go to 00ME and Heron loads but I am missing a lot of trees. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with the same results.
  14. Update for Prepar3D 3.1 Users

    And now we have version 3.2