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  1. Wow Thanks for that Simon, I have located that file and changed it to ".Mybgl" and now installs ok,, also looks as though I have more arrivals and departures showing, I have not long purchased your programme from JustFlight, and it says on their web site that STB is fully compatible with both P3dv3 and v4, so that's why I bought it, perhaps you could ask JustFlight to change this description so as no one else may have a problem, I also contacting them and asked is it compatible with their 'Traffic Global early access' and they said to me "I cannot see why not" anyway thanks again PS: if I create some of my own flights as you say, would it then work ok with this file (.bgl) I know that you said you not supporting P3Dv3 but I'm retired now and at this time could not afford to get P3Dv4 yet thanks Dave Ward
  2. I have tried to paste a couple of screen grabs, but it wont let me because it says I have exceeded my limit??
  3. Hi Simon, My email is now back and running, bu I will post again the problem I have, each time I install STB, I keep getting an error on the configuration status window saying " FAIL...... Airport Database Compilation" I have tried several times, but this error comes up each time, if I just ignore the error, the STB seems to run ok, but wondered if you could give me advice I'm going to try attach some screen grabs here (but not good at this kind of thing) I'm running win 10, P3Dv3, Traffic Global early access (latest v1.1.0.6) ORBX software 'Global, Europe etc, UKScenery 2000,
  4. Hi I'm having trouble locating the Add On int he menu bar for access to FSUIPC, I have read the pinned comments from Pete and infact it looks as though I have the problem he has reported, however I'm not clear as to what to do as it says to install SimConnect manually.and goes on to quote "You'll find all the versions of SimConnect in the P3D "redist" folders. Try the Simconnect.msi from the folder redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK, for example." I did find a simconnect.msi file in the directory he pointed to (in the ESPv1 folder ,but its not clear as to what I have to do with it,,, I have tried several times installing and un installing FSUIPC but syill don't have the 'Add On ' button in the menu bar Can someone please help with a clear instructions thanks,, I'm running win 10 here is the post Pete pinned Some folks are finding that, with P3D version 3, after installing FSUIPC4 apparently successfully, the AddOns menu with an FSUIPC entry doesn't appear when "ready to run". Reference to the FSUIPC4.LOG (in the P3D Modules folder) woud show that the module "SimConnectP3D2.DLL" was not found (even though it is plainly there), and subsequently there are many failing attempts to connect to SimConnect logged. The reason for Windows reporting that the module can't be found is currently not known. The workaround is to install SimConnect manually. You'll find all the versions of SimConnect in the P3D "redist" folders. Try the Simconnect.msi from the folder redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK, for example. This will all to be the good in the long run. I think you'll find you'll be needing at least the FSX-SP1 and FSX-SP2 SimConnects installed if you ever intend to use many FSX Addons with P3Dv3. Regards, Pete ​
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