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  1. Thanks and yes that's what it was, wrong Service Pack for Tower 3D. The problem being I've been away from the sim and not kept up on current SP's. A sticky would of saved me hours messing with it. Also took me an age to figure I could use the original link (thank god I kept it) to DL the SP. This mainly due to me trying to DL it from feelthere who have no SP info. After finally realising there was the ATC Suite site that had the tiny bit of info needed, Re-Download. Appreciate your help and can now play the better sp2 sim :) Stephen.
  2. Hoping someone can help me out here. I've looked through the forums but can't seem to find an answer. I'm probably doing something stupid. Basically i have tried many ways to get this working but including fresh install. My install order to c: is Tower3D_sp1 RT_Tower3D_Sp7 RT_Tower3D_KPHL_Sp2 What i get is the new traffic only in white. In the Airplanes folder i have a texturepacks folder with Airplanes_texpack2 and Airplanes_texpack2.manifest. Hope somone can help. I find it hard to ge t the info on what servicepacks are current so unsure if i'm on the correct Tower Sp. step
  3. I have 111 games on steam. I can add or remove them from my HD whenever I want and not have to look for codes or keep installers. I can choose to have them auto update or when I choose. Massive sales through the year with Christmas usually having huge savings. Uses about 100mb of ram but I can turn it off if i'm not using it. The statement above "steam has crappy games" ......it has almost all games apart from companies like EA who run Origin, just like steam. If you want a game to be seen by the masses, bought by people who never knew your game existed, steam is the way to go. Just make sure
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