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  1. All working now. Required full boot and two resets of Yoke USB. And this a good quality powered USB hub. Alex
  2. As I said I no longer have a problem with the PFC USB Yoke. The Quadrant and Rudder problem is a new item. Will see what LM produces. Thanks Alex
  3. No idea. Took and inordinate number of attempts to get X and Y accepted. Works now. Rudder/Brakes are through PFCFSX. Rudder locked hard over, Brakes not working. PFCFSX Alex
  4. Elevator and Ailerons working. Difficulty assigning Rudder Axis. Alex
  5. Yes, I had already done that. My FSXA and P3dv2 axes are done within the FS and not applicable I believe.. My problem is with my assignment of Axes in FSUIPC. I have read the various instructions on how to do this. Will advise when fixed. Alex
  6. Yes. The Quadrant and rudders are serial devices using PFCFSX.dll. They are normal. Alex
  7. What you are saying is that I must de-assign the Aileron/Elevator assignments in FS and assign them in FSUIPC4? Alex
  8. PFC USB Yoke, PFC Baron Quadrant and Rudder on Serial, Saitek Cessna Rudder Trim. Win 7 Pro 64bit, FSUIPC 4947c. PFC USB Yoke is working but at full deflection both Elevator and ailerons. Range appears trunicated. There is no Calibration facility. Both PFC and Saitek units are listed and Axes assigned X,Y respectively. Affects all aircraft. Disabled Controllers to use FSUIPC. FSX/P3dv2.5 operations normal. FSUIPC Joystick Calibrations do not change with deflections. I have read the Manual but am not FSUIPC savvy. What have I missed? Alex FSUIPC4.ini.txt
  9. I also have full deflection Ailerons and Elevator with P3dv3 - with all aircraft. Win7 64 bit, PFC USB Yoke. PFC Quadrant and Rudder are normal, but are not USB. P3dv2.5 was fine. Disabled PFC yoke in Controls option but unable activiate in FSUIPC - but that is another matter. Alex
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