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  1. Aragorn80

    E190MX folder

    no, I mean E190MX folder. As you can see in the attached file I'have got 2 folders: E190MX and emb190mx...
  2. Aragorn80

    E190MX folder

    Hi, i was editing th aricraft.cfg files to use My Traffic 6a traffic models with real live traffic. when I get into e190mx folder, i find just 2 textures folder (my29 and my30) bu all others liveries (from 0 to 29) are missing. Any idea how to solve it? By the way, MyTraffic 6a is original and regularly purchased on simmarket...
  3. Aragorn80

    Announcing MyTraffic Professional 6.0a

    Hi Burkhard, how's going your updating work?
  4. Aragorn80

    Announcing MyTraffic Professional 6.0a

    sounds like an update is a long way off...
  5. Aragorn80

    MT 6.0b things to consider

    is an update, with new schedules, in the making? if so, estimated release dates? thx
  6. Aragorn80

    Patch to MyTraffic 6.0

    Ok, got it. Now I can install the beta update, right?
  7. Aragorn80

    Patch to MyTraffic 6.0

    No, ther isn't. There's just MTX_V60. Now, I've unistalled completely MyTraffic6 and reinstalled it following the manual. Then I downloaded again the patch "patches600", moved it in C:\MyTraffic Professional folder, put it under the "MyTraffic" folder (not into it), then executed as administrator...and after 10/20 seconds the installation was complete, but still I can't see any changes in the "My Traffic" folder. There's still just one file "MTX_V60" (not MTX_V60a) dating back to 15/05/2015. What's wrong?
  8. Aragorn80

    Patch to MyTraffic 6.0

    I've installed the patch, but I can't see any changes to the main folder. How can I verify if the patch has been installed correctly?
  9. Aragorn80

    MyTraffic 6 Installation Guide Update

    Hi all! I'd like to purchase mytraffic 6, since my traffic 2013 is outdated and there aren't plans for updates in the near future. Just 2 questions: - shall i uninstall mytraffic 2013 befor installing MT6? - the future schedules/liveries updates will be free, or i will have to pay for them? Thx in advance

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