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  1. Feelthere Map don´t show

    i´ve done it before.... no result
  2. Feelthere Map don´t show

    i´ve install it on the main pc... wide fs is only for weather and real time... no way
  3. Feelthere Map don´t show

    can you tell me how i do it? maybe i´m a bit to stupid for such easy thing ;-) thnx in advance
  4. Feelthere Map don´t show

    how do you mean it? i have widefs which is connected with my laptop but the fsinn is connected on my main pc where i got fsx.
  5. Feelthere Map don´t show

    i load fully a flightplan from the fsx menu. no way my memory of the gc hast 4 gig also 16 gig of ram.
  6. Feelthere Map don´t show

    hi fellows, i purchased this addon for my fsx. after downloading it from simmarket and installed it, i get a black screen of the map in my planes... i install the map over the feelthere install program. my graphic driver is the latest one. no idea why i see no map,instead only a black window. thnx for good answers. thomas