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  1. Yeegads! This is crazy! What did you just DO to me!!! This is AWESOME! Ok, so your FSUIPC system is really weird, obscure, intimidating and geeky. Until you actually try USING it, that is. Then it’s incredible. I think you just solved my whole problem that’s been vexing me for days; I was losing sleep, going into depression, and starting to fear that I was the only person in the world who’d ever had this happen to them (doubtful!) Terrified that I would be eternally doomed, to chasing a sneaky little white mouse arrow all across half a dozen monitor screens for the rest of my life. So here’s the deal. To program obscure Wilco 737PIC Evolution panel “mouse click” screen controls into keystroke or button commands that you can’t readily find in FS-x itself or anywhere else in the world, including the FSUIPC world, so as to eventually hook them up to “real” electric switches, I just used your fourth recommendation of seven possibilities that you provided. That was to try a MOUSE MACRO. Worked beautifully. Once you get the hang of it (with your clues, not hard at all), it’s WAY too easy! Off hand, it looks like it will easily duplicate ALL of the obscure 737PIC switches that I had no idea where to find, INCLUDING the gear warning horn cutout switch, all SIX fuel pump switches (FWD and AFT for left, right, and center tanks, total six), both fuel cutoff levers, the gear lever CENTERING function (to turn the system OFF during flight). Etc. That’s where I quit experimenting, once I felt comfortable that it will work just fine for everything else. So I’m wondering, why would I even want to dig through all those hemi-demi-hexadecimal lists of mislabeled functions and big scary numbers, for ANY of my control functions, when all I have to do is show the machine, with the mouse, exactly what I want it to do, and it does it! Voila! Maybe I’ll try that, for ALL of them. Couldn’t find anyone who knew how to keyboard click the gear warning horn cutout switch. Some people didn’t even seem to know that the switch existed. Or why. So for the professional, career “simmers,” the way it works is, before you pull your throttles to reduce power (flaps and gear up), you press the little horn cutout switch to the right side of the throttles, and the annoying horn never even sounds. Nice. But it’s always hard to FIND the little thing in the dark to press quickly with the mouse. So ye, give me a hard button that I can push easily. Only question now is, I have no clue how to get RID of the “test” mouse macros that I just created. But I’m thinking I might start by going to the FSUIPC4 Modules folder and just tossing all of my new .MCRO files into the trash. Then I can reformat new ones exactly like I want them, and re-ID for profile and aircraft specificity, once I figure that whole thing out. Now I think I’ll go right out and buy myself a whole bunch of new switch stuff on line. Thanks for the help, JJ
  2. Excellent response. Very comprehensive and thorough, and surprisingly prompt. I will do my homework, and report back. My impression is that there are quite a few professional, actively flying 737 pilots out there who are into home cockpit building. It would be annoyingly hard to imagine all of them being happy with having to grab a mouse and swirl it all over the monitor screen every time they need to silence (or pre-silence) the gear horn...like I do. Thanks for the response, JJ
  3. Apologies if the answer is readily findable, and I wasn't able to. Have spent a good 4 hours researching, on-line, FAQ's, FSUIPC4 manuals, etc., and it seems that this topic shouldn't be that hard to find. But didn't find it...am new to FSUIPC4. Decided it was time to ask for help. My ultimate objective is to control 737 PIC Evolution cockpit switches with keyboard, then eventually to control things using wired up, real toggle, rotary switches, etc. I want to test it with keyboard keys first, to make sure I can actually do it using FSUIPC, before I buy the hardware to install real toggle switches, etc. Full, paid/registered FSUIPC4 is installed. First, can I assume that Wilco 737PIC Evolution is compatible with FSUIPC4 switch and keyboard control? Seems it ought to be. Second, unable to find the link on the FSUIPC4 control screen for a number of items that I really need to control. Specifically, to start, I wanted to try the 737-300 gear warning horn cutout switch, and then the six fuel pump switches on the overhead fuel control panel. Can't seem to find those listed anywhere in FS-X controls setting listing, in the FSUIPC Modules Key Press pull-down menu in the Options and Settings screen, or in any of the FSUIPC documentation. Didn't even seem to pop up in your PMDG 737 "Offset" listing. I would assume that any switch which is controllable via on-screen mouse click, and these examples all are, has to be controllable via keyboard, keyboard emulator, or toggle switch through FSUIPC4. If I can figure these two out, as examples, then the rest should be pretty straightforward. Thanks, JJ
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