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  1. Ok Thanks. I thought that the airplanes of your program was yours also. Then..How can I put lights on the airplanes of your program? Do you know who is the programmer? Any help, please? Factor of 3 in performance What is the meaning of it? Best regards,
  2. Thanks Burkhard. I´m using FSX Accelerator. I switch on my own lights and I can tell you that there is several airplanes that has taxi an landing lights that illuminated the ground, but several (a lot) no. Only in the fuselage, logo and wings. For instance: Boeing B738 NO, MD80 NO, Airbus YES, and Bombardier some model yes other no. I was reading the airplane.cfg, and I find differences in the lights, but I´m not a programmer and I don´t know what todo. I´sending a hardcopy of my settings. A question: has all the airplanes lights?. Thank you for your help
  3. Hello Simon. ¡Bingo!. The AIRound.dll that I was using was a old one. I just downloaded the new one and all is working now correctly. I can´t understand why I´ve the old one when I downloaded it from simmarket... Really for me it´s a great pleasure to be helped by a person that it´s a great programmer, a very clever person, and that he has a great patient helping to the people all the time as a good teacher with his pupils. Friend Simon: muchas gracias from Spain :-). I always will recomend your program and your great job. :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz:
  4. Ok, now I´ve my Trraffic 6 installed on my windows7. But: the airplanes of MYTRAFFIC6 don´t have taxi lights and they taxiing by the airport without illuminated the road. Why is it? Thanks
  5. At last Simon. The file STBPlugin.txt has life now. I don´t know why :-) Here it is :-) ******************* STB Plug-in SimConnect Interface opened Received IS STB Simulator Plug-in Available request. Replying yes! to all interested parties. Received IS AIROUND AVAILABLE request. Unable to interface with AIRound, return code 2. Received Traffic Sliders Request. Sending traffic slider values 40 airline and 0 GA encoded as 25700. Recevied Unknown event 1001. Simconnect Interface Closed. ************** Again, thanks for all your efforts to help me.
  6. Ok SIMON. I trying creating a file STBPlugin.txt into FSX folder and equal: nothing inside... And in FSX in add-ons STB plug-in
  7. I´m sorry Simon for my bad english. It´s mine :-) After work = afer to run STB program with FSX working also and making several operations in STB :-) Yes. deleted, loaded, etc. STB it´s not windows you say...¡Thanks God! ...:-) STBPlugin.txt ...Ooops!...Not STBPluging.txt nor STBPluginin.txt :-) Thank´s for your patient... You´re a good teacher...
  8. Hi Simon. Thaks for your time. I created a file named STPluging.txt in the FSX Folder wher FSX.exe is. But nothing inside after work.. Perhaps I´doing making somehing bad. Nów I´m worst than at the begining.I deleted, loaded,deleted and now I thing that all my disk are fullf of trash... Best regards,
  9. Thanks. Yes. I've Airound in the rcontext menú of STB, Barack grey... And in FSX is running STBserver. I'm a little tired to delete and load STB with the method that you recommended in yor manual but...all is similar. Perhaps i'll delete again all... But perhaps in the ugly register something is without delete from Spanish files. I must try it again... More questions. When I use DEPART NOW, sometimes it makes a new flight and others only change de status. It's correct? Thanks Simon and I'm thinking that is rare because I suppose that you have selled a lots of programs in Spain and all mus
  10. Ok. I just delete all FSX in Spanish, loaded FSX in English and: bingo. All is working now. Then mi idea was correct. I´m very clever :-) helped with your idea and TRACE tool... But, always in the life there are a lot of "but"... As I toll you I´ve AIROUND buyed with my key , it´s working Ok in the FSX, but (again but...): STB doesn´t see the Airound and it doesn´t work. So I asking what I must do to have Airound working in STB? I know that you aren´t the autor of that program but I know that you know it wery well... OK. Simon, please I need your help also in that issue. Best regards,
  11. I´ve an idea. Could be that I´m using FSX in Spanish?. I see that STB try with FSX to write a file in C:\Users\Administrador\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\stb\ and I think, that in Spanish the Flight Simulator X files directory has the path C:\Users\Administrador\Documents\Archivos de Flight Simulator X . Then if the STB program create the directory stb in the english directory Flight Simulator X Files, FSX Spanish can´t see that directory, because for him the files of PLN are in "Archivos de Flight Simulator X". What do you think about my idea?...
  12. I´m sorry I didn´t tell you. I´m using MYTRAFFIC X...and also I have AIROUND....
  13. C:\Users\Administrador\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\stb It´s empty....
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