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  1. Thank you, guys. So the .exe is doing its work fine, I didn't have to adjust by hand... The problem was that I like to fly from SBSP (Sao Paulo) and TAM has a lot of F100s, so I saw many jetways moving and thought it did not work. Jaap, I really don't have much trouble with FPS. I usually set autogen to normal (because I don't like the oversized trees and buildings and, with GEX, the texture is very beautiful) and SC to max. If I bring it down one notch, I think I'll miss something for example in Vanc+, and I don't want to. I'll give it a try, though. In the USA, I can bring the traffic to 100% and still have decent performance, but it really gets overcrowded and flying becomes stressful. But in remote parts of the world I like to run it maxed. Thanks again for your time. Cheers, Sergio PD: I forgot to say that MyTraffic is awesome, great job! :D In FS9 I used UT, but their planes do not work with FSX SP2 and MyTraffic has much more to offer. I have a networked computer and the Board works like a charm. Again, great job folks, congrats!
  2. Hi Jaap, Thanks for your reply. I have a pretty fast system, do not have to worry about losing some cycles. But I want lots of traffic, so bringing down the slider just to have animated jetways for AI seems silly. And I like running Scenery Complexity at full. I tried running from the communicator, but the batch aborts just after calling the .exe, I think Vista does not like it, even when run as administrator. I have already remarked the [exits] entries for the most common planes. Not all, though: there are almost 150 aircraft.cfg to edit! I have very good FPS now, even on busy airports with 100% traffic, without the automated AI jetways for the most common planes. Best regards, Sergio
  3. Hi folks, I'm trying to change the AI aircrafts to not have animations, but after running Better_Models.exe from MyTrafficAircraftInstallers (as administrator), it runs but quickly quits before doing its job. What am I supposed to do to get it running properly? I have a full install of MyTraffic 5.1b, not incremental, and it is working just fine. But after running Better_Models.exe I see that my AI aircrafts still move the jetways, so I guess it aborted before completing. Best regards, Sergio Edit: For example, now my A320 does not have an [exits] entry, but my F100 does have. It will be a pain to edit the .cfg files one by one...
  4. OK, I will send you the key file. I have purchased both WideFS and FSUIPC. When I removed the key file from the modules folder, everything was fine again. I think that maybe this is in fact a registration problem. Thanks, Sergio Quadros
  5. Hi, Pete. I've decided to purchase FSUIPC for using with WideFS. I had the unregistered version and used it with ASV, everything worked fine. Now, since registration, ASV did not recognize were I am, and keep reporting coordinates 0/0. I runned TrafficLook.exe and it shows 0/0 also. I've tryed lots of things: reinstalled version 3.5.0, deleted the .ini file, you name it. Do you have a clue of what maybe the problem? As I said, everything worked fine before registering. Now it seems that FSUIPC isn't piping the correct information about my position to ASV and other clients (Whazzup, QuickMap, etc.) Thanks for your time, Sérgio
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