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  1. Hi Thomas, Ok no problem, I'd forgotten I'd asked about this. I do have another question regarding key/button assignments and a command that appears to be missing from fsuipc but I will search a couple of forums first. regards Steve
  2. Hi Peter, I realise your away and before your back I'm away. I've had an hard drive crash out on me and have had to reinstall windows. Since I first bought fsuipc I've changed email address, fsuipc is working fine but would like to change email addess in the key file. can you assist? regards Steve
  3. Hi Stuart, Sorry for delay - yes the key assignments in the Ifly menu, I tried it just with keyboard presses as I'm still setting myself up with yoke and getting my head around the compound type settings, still waiting for throttle quadrants to be delivered. I had yoke, my hotas X and combat pedals setup then lost the lot and I hadn't backed it up. Could you do me a favour? Try any function you know works but set to either full stop or comma, I can't get either to work from key assignments, both are ok via FSX own key assignments but I'm trying to move most settings over to FSUIPC/Ifly keys. One of the guys is looking into it for me via Ifly forum as well.
  4. Hi, Seems a complicated way to do something simple that doesn't need a script, especially when the simple way is just there on the modules menu in FSX, In 'Key Assignments' - assign a key press to fuel cutoff/idle to toggle or set key presses to select either IDLE or CUTOFF then in FSUIPC - move the switch you want to use then assign the same key press you've assigned to that function. Mine works fine, took a minute to setup. I do have problems assigning 2 keys ( , and .) that work perfect within FSX. The fuel cutoff worked as expected at first try. regards Steve
  5. Hi paul, No I didn't use the autoassign, sureI have read elsewhere on here that having it set to yes doesn't matter when you doing it manually, I don't mind fsuipc assigning, I just wanted to choose, mainly to help remembering what controller had what letter assigned, suppose I could just give in and let fsuipc do it. EDIT: manual says you can do it yourself and not use autoassign regards Steve
  6. Hi everybody, Having seen the section in the manuals about assigning letters to controllers instead of numbers, letters being poss easy to remember which controller is what I've changed controller 0 to Y for the yoke and 1 to J for the joystick. Whilst going through checking buttons with the end result of doing the compound button presses so that I can use the mode switch on the Saitek cessna yoke, I noticed that controller 0 and 1 are being added back into the fsuipc.ini every time I do a reload of the switches, is this normal and can I just ignore it? This is from my .ini [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=No Y=Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Yoke Y.GUID={3D138F90-87E9-11E5-8001-444553540000} J=T.Flight Hotas X J.GUID={BF1BAD50-15EE-11E5-8005-444553540000} If I reload I get: [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=No Y=Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Yoke Y.GUID={3D138F90-87E9-11E5-8001-444553540000} J=T.Flight Hotas X J.GUID={BF1BAD50-15EE-11E5-8005-444553540000} 0=Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Yoke 0.GUID={3D138F90-87E9-11E5-8001-444553540000} 1=T.Flight Hotas X 1.GUID={BF1BAD50-15EE-11E5-8005-444553540000} EDIT: I've just seen post showing similar thing so am I right in just ignoring it, they didn't ask any further questions. regards Steve
  7. Hi, I don't have the file mentioned in that link but that file is a profile file and I assume I don't have one because I'm not using the profile editor for the Yoke. regards Steve
  8. Hi Reinhard, Thanks for the link, I'll try the renaming of the file it mentions, it wasn't that fsuipc didnt see the mode switch, it read it ok but I couldn't set different commands on the same switch. regards Steve
  9. Hi Pete and everybody else, I'm now using a yoke for my simming, the Saitek ProFlight Cessna. All buttons set but for two on the right hand side. One button is for use in saiteks own profile editor for changing modes to increase the number of commands per switch/button but i'm not using the saitek editor. Can the mode switch be used via fsuipc for the same effect? The rhs on-off-on switch I have set to autothrottle dec and inc, ie left and right with no command on release. My problem is that when on the ground I have unlimited control of the autothrottle value, I can adjust up and down as expected so for example can select 178 as v2+20 as my initial climb speed, what i want to do as i retract flaps is increase speed to the 'bug up' speed which is around 220knts approx, but what is happening as soon in flight is that the speed can only be adjusted in steps of 10 so I get 188 198 208 etc, not the single steps as when on the ground. I'm fairly certain I've read about this problem but I cannot find the same text about this, is there anybody out there that knows a fix for this. regards Steve
  10. Cheers Pete, thought I was missing it, from what i've been told since i posted this question is that I have assign a key press to the gear off ( Ifly 737ng) then at the mid range of the lever i would have to set fsuipc to send that key press, so within the 737ng settings itself it should be poss. regards Steve
  11. Hi Pete, After many years of using the unregistered fsuipc i've registered new version due to throttle quadrant that's coming for christmas. Just to practice a little i changed my throttle lever on old joystick first to flaps lever, worked fine. next i changed it and set end travel for gear up/down, again worked, i couldn't find a gear 'off' command, so simple question is there one? Steve
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