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  1. Hello, for a user of PRO-ATC-X I tested the MakeRwys download. The Addon-Organizer link resulted in a 404 Page not found . If I use the link directly from the ... Useful additional programs all is ok but not if the link is used from the MakeRwys README.pdf file also in the MakeRwys 4.82.zip file The Link in the .pdf README is wrong http://lorbi-SI.weebly.com/downloads.html cheers Thomas
  2. Hello Thomas The Link in the .pdf README is wrong try it : Just copy and paste in the browser http://lorbi-SI.weebly.com/downloads.html cheers Thomas
  3. Hello Thomas, for your information only .. your cleanup from spaces new .lua file you accidentally removed the S Line 41 ... -- Move Ldg_Taxi Lt SW DN one position if ipcPARAM == 2 then WPos = ipc.readLvar(SW_Pos) <------------- WPos should be SWPos if SWPos == 2 then ipc.writeLvar(SW_Pos, 1) ipc.clearbitsUW(0x0D0C, 4) ipc.setbitsUW(0x0D0C, 8) end if SWPos == 1 then ipc.writeLvar(SW_Pos, 0) ipc.clearbitsUW(0x0D0C, 8) end end ------------------------------------------------------------------ And also take care 73 x a0 are left in the file ! Is only a question of the time, when by editing an a0 into a wrong position comes. servus Thomas
  4. Hello johnk515 You should look for special chars in your script . I think a0 can not be handled. Luacmds.lua script first five lines in HEX a0 20 0d 0a 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d . ..------------ 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d ---------------- 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d 2d ---------------- 20 0d 0a 2d 2d 20 53 63 72 69 70 74 73 20 66 6f ..-- Scripts fo 72 20 73 70 65 63 69 61 6c 20 73 77 69 74 63 68 r special switch Thomas P.s. you have 204 x a0 in your script. In HTML the meaning is protected space &nbsp; If you have copied from a browser, this is not uncommon.
  5. Hello Simon, Update "STB_FSX_FSX-SE-Standalone_3.2.1.15_Update.exe" The readme STB for FSX and FSX Steam Edition Standalone V3.2.1.15 Introduction This update is for SuperTrafficBoard (STB) V3.0, V3.1 or V3.2 when used with: • Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX); • Flight Simulator X Steam Edition Standalone (FSX-SE). “Standalone” means FSX-SE is not installed on the same computer as FSX. and will upgrade your installation to the latest level (V3.2.1.15). Note this update cannot be used for: • STB for Prepar3D; • STB V3.3 for Flight Simulator X Steam Edition; • Any other versions of STB for FSX; • Systems where both FSX and FSX Steam Edition are installed on the same computer. This is called a “side by side” configuration, and requires a special edition of SuperTrafficBoard. Please contact us for further information. ...... other stuff My installations Steps a) Via system deinstalled. b) Some blocking information about wrong .jpg files I have to read all incoming notes about wrong .jpg files and to delete one by one to get further. c) after Installation there is no "TrafficBoardFrontEnd.exe" I know with the Deinstallation the "TrafficBoardFrontEnd.exe" was removed from my folder ! 1) I don't know why it is not installed again via the installer ? 2) Why the installer runs to the end without information "No TrafficBoardFrontEnd.exe found" !! 3) With success information the installer ends. ??? To get back to a running App I have ... 1) to use one of my Backup and overwrite all existing files 2) Run the installer again. 3) again delete all unwanted logos One by one (means delete one go back to next to get the next information about wrong logo delete and next ... etc, etc.) (self created Logos (same width/height as the original ones) are accepted by the TrafficBoard...exe without problem . 4) After Installation : To determine that the old files are now overwritten with a new version. This means for me the new files are available in the installation file ! Solution: Please put in the readme Do not uninstall STB to use this update! __________________________________________________________________________________________ Without backup I would have lost all my own logos. thanks and cheers Thomas
  6. moskito-x

    Update no .exe file and wrong Icons

    Simon, my post was only for your information. Thanks and cheers Thomas
  7. moskito-x

    Floating Point 64

    Hello Steve, Glad I could help ;-) Cheers Thomas
  8. Hello Simon Thanks for the important information ;-) Thomas
  9. moskito-x

    P3dv3.35 crashing on exit

    Hi Rafael, remove the personal information from your post !! Thomas
  10. moskito-x

    Floating Point 64

    Hello Steve You could use math.floor(x) Returns the largest integer smaller than or equal to x. Or a function function toint(n) local s = tostring(n) local i, j = s:find('%.') if i then return tonumber(s:sub(1, i-1)) else return n end end Thomas
  11. Hello Simon Good News, Version 4.968 of MakeRunways is now released, fixing this problem. Thanks for finding Cheers Thomas
  12. http://support.esri.com/technical-article/000005870 Thomas
  13. Hi Pete, for your information there may be also other problems with ORBX files a user in the PRO-ATC/X forum "To be honest, I'm more worried about why P3D is crashing when I try to load it. " Summary of steps user has done. installed ORBX sceneries slight problems with PRO-ATC/X runs older version of MakeRwys so I asked to update to new version. updated to after new run of MakeRwys -> P3D can not be started - crashed immediately asks for help so I removed all ORBX from scenery.cfg (he sends me a ziped scenery.cfg ...) immediately P3D can be started again. a new installation of ORBX and again run of MakeRwys has no longer causes P3D to crash ! looking into users old and new scenery.cfg I noticed last Install has not installed ORBX!VECTOR_FixedAPT . Can be that's the reason P3D now not crash. Thomas
  14. Hi Simon We have on the PRO-ATC/X Forum problems with ORBX files and MakeRwys. Do you have new information ? Cheers Thomas
  15. moskito-x

    WX Radar Prosim

    @Torcs You should remove your personal information from your post !! Thomas
  16. moskito-x

    Update : FSObjects.dll: unknown version

    am so totally agree !! Thanks Simon Thomas
  17. Hello Simon, I just downloaded STB V3.2 Service Pack 1B for FSX contains bug fixes and new features, upgrading you to V3.2.1.7. It includes all previous updates and service packs. and I get : Update : FSObjects.dll: unknown version. Thomas
  18. moskito-x

    Update : FSObjects.dll: unknown version

    Hello Simon, Install order: V3.1.0 V3.2.1.5 V3.2.1.7 Hot-Fix3.2.1.10 yesterday : Accidentally, misunderstanding the same V3.2.1.7 !! but without success. And that's just as well. I don't want fall back to V3.2.1.7 Thank you very much Simon! Thomas
  19. moskito-x

    Update : FSObjects.dll: unknown version

    Hello Simon, I found a link in a new topic. here I thought that was a new version. Next Image In my installation directory all downloads collected. Here I have found (marked in red). These two are identical not only in the file size but also the content. I think I have the newest version installed. Thomas
  20. moskito-x


    You got it right it's Nice. I think VS2005 was too old. I have tested with VC++2008 Redists so many versions and think STBServer don't like my VC++ Redist installations. Thanks again Cheers Thomas
  21. moskito-x


    Hello Simon, I would like to make you aware of something. RAAS PRO and STB do not cooperate. It took some time until I found out. Prehistory: RAAS PRO simply did not want to run. So I've been waiting for a new version. I installed the new version of RAAS. Loved that RAAS the first time for a long time was running again. And I did not notice the STB add-on menu was gone. Since I usually start FSX briefly only to test other add-ons.(Tests my own software etc.) Now to the problem. Of course, I tried to normal away STB to bring back to run. Did not work. If I turn off RAAS PRO in dll.xml STB is back. Since I in next few days longer flights plan, would both add-ons at the same course desirable. Could you imagine what is responsible. Thanks Thomas
  22. moskito-x


    Oooooh what a stupid Mistake copy paste mistake ww instead of www STB Plug-in for FSX/FSX-SE SimConnect_Open HRESULT: 060481ea0. SimConnect Interface opened. Received 'Is STB Simulator Plug-in Available?' request. Replying 'yes' to all interested parties. Received IS AIROUND AVAILABLE request. AIRound is available, notifying clients, return code 5. Selecting AIROUND_AI_VIEW_FLY_BY for object 16. Received AIROUND_RET_OK. Simconnect Interface Closed. Results: I think that looks much better :) RAAS PRO is also available !! AIRound works perfekt !! Thank you very much Simon for super fast help. Now I can better test my own Software. Thomas
  23. moskito-x


    Here Image of VC++ installtions
  24. moskito-x


    Ok, I will do ! Thanks Simon Cheers Thomas

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