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  1. It is attached to the V1 gate here but I was getting the same issue so moved it to the VR just to check.
  2. Hi Pete, Yes, I also have Traffic Toggle assigned to the T key which I have set on a custom keyboard, giving me a further method to toggle traffic, but I’m not pressing T at VRotate, or any other keys (I have both hands on the yoke!). Prosim is sending 1009 once at VRotate so the control should only be sent once, so AI should be switched off if it was on previously (or vice versa). Unless I’m misunderstanding something.. Have a great holiday! Charlie K
  3. Hi Pete, I have set Prosim to send "0x3110 = 1009" when the VRotate gate has been reached (to turn AI traffic off when airborne). I always start the sim with AI traffic on so that the control sent will turn AI traffic off at VR. However, at VR I am seeing the screen go black, the traffic loading bar appear and then a fully AI populated airport, almost as if the control sent is requesting 100% traffic rather than a toggle from 100% to 0%, or the traffic is toggled twice (to 0% and then back to 100%). The FSUIPC log shows that it may be the latter (0% then straight back to 100%) but I'm not sure: 1269047 KEYDOWN: VK=84, Waiting=0, Repeat=N, Shifts=0 1269047 FSUIPC Control Action: Ctrl=1009, Param=0 1269047 .... Delayed to be executed synchronously 1269047 .. This key is programmed in FSUIPC4 'Keys' options 1269047 KEYUP: VK=84, Waiting=0 1269062 FSUIPC Control Action: Ctrl=1009, Param=0 1269062 Setting Airline traffic density = 0 1269953 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66040 (0x000101f8), Param= 16208 (0x00003f50) KOHLSMAN_SET 1271062 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66040 (0x000101f8), Param= 16208 (0x00003f50) KOHLSMAN_SET 1272172 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66040 (0x000101f8), Param= 16208 (0x00003f50) KOHLSMAN_SET 1273203 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66040 (0x000101f8), Param= 16208 (0x00003f50) KOHLSMAN_SET 1273734 KEYDOWN: VK=84, Waiting=0, Repeat=N, Shifts=0 1273734 FSUIPC Control Action: Ctrl=1009, Param=0 1273734 .... Delayed to be executed synchronously 1273734 .. This key is programmed in FSUIPC4 'Keys' options 1273734 KEYUP: VK=84, Waiting=0 1273734 FSUIPC Control Action: Ctrl=1009, Param=0 1273734 Setting Airline traffic density = 100 Any ideas what the issue might be? Charlie K
  4. Thanks Pete, found it.
  5. I've been looking through the List of Controls PDF file but can't find the control to toggle AI Traffic on and off. I managed to find the AI Labels control (66199) but not the control to toggle the AI itself. Can someone tell me what it is? Thanks!
  6. Hi, With the new version, the button to update airports is greyed out. My Z: drive is my P3Dv4 folder on a networked computer and there is a scenerycfg.fsc in that folder. I tried to run the FSCP3DCFG_V4.exe in the same folder but the OK button is greyed out too. Thanks, CK
  7. Hi Pete, unfortunately your reply makes me none the wiser! I saw what you said and therefore put 3114 first and 3110 second in the Prosim config page. I was trying to point out that just because that's the order I've put them in, I don't know if that's the order Prosim necessarily sends them. I cannot find the number "3114" in any of the .pdf files you supply with the program. I can see that 3110 is split into two, the control and the parameter, but 3114 is not mentioned. To which documentation do you refer? At the risk of being completely wrong and berated for it (you've spent years as the expert on this, I have not) does the value go before the x in the Prosim menu? So if the control is 66482 should the second entry above be 66482x3110? And if that is the format, what goes before the x3114 as with a toggle I'd be sending different values each time (on and then off or 1 and then 0 etc).. Cheers, CK
  8. Thanks Pete for quick reply, Prosim can send two offsets for one trigger but I'm not sure about the order in which it sends them. I can see what 3110 is but what is 3114? Also, it doesn't allow me to send a value, or do I assign the value to the offset in FSUIPC? CK
  9. Hi, I've done some searching but can't find an answer so far. RAAS Pro by FS2Crew allows the RAAS system to be turned on and off using the Water Rudder Toggle control (Ctrl+W by default). I want to be able to send this keystroke to P3D when my Prosim AC Power gate is active (so that RAAS is active when AC power is on and inactive when AC power is off). Prosim doesn't allow a gate to send keystrokes to P3D directly, but it does allow a gate to send an FSUIPC offset. They've told me I can set a spare FSUIPC offset to be sent when the AC Power gate is active and link this offset in FSUIPC to the Ctrl+W keystroke. Prosim Options are: FSUIPC 8 BIT U FSUIPC 8 BIT S FSUIPC 16 BIT S FSUIPC 16 BIT U FSUIPC 32 BIT S FSUIPC 32 BIT U FSUIPC FLOAT 32 FSUIPC FLOAT 64 I have worked out how to get a keystroke to send a FSUIPC offset, but I need to know how to do it the other way round.. Thanks in advance for any assistance. CK
  10. Another question Pete. What is the reason for FSUIPC Offset 2EA0 outputting P3D elevator trim in radians? (I think) I know what radians are but can't see the relevance of displaying trim value in these units. On my FSC 737 TQ the 2EA0 output appears to be -72 for full forward trim (0 on the TQ scale) and +234 for full aft trim (17 on the TQ scale). The output reads 0 when the trim is at 4 on the TQ scale. 234 radians would go around a circle just over 37 times, I can't see what the radians value represents! I'm trying to write a SIOC script which takes a trim value and moves the motorised yokes forward or aft accordingly, but until I know what the value output actually means, I'm struggling! Cheers! Charlie K
  11. crwk78

    Aircraft Label

    Thanks Pete, never mind.
  12. crwk78

    Aircraft Label

    The Google search brought me to a .pdf of the FSUIPC Manual for a previous version which (typically) I can no longer find, but I have managed to find you quoting it in the eighth post in the link below. Any chance of reintroducing it, assuming it ever existed...?
  13. Hi Pete, I was googling for a method of using FSUIPC to use a keystroke to change the information displayed on an AI traffic label in P3D. I have two sources of AI traffic (one is the default bgl flightplan method and the other is live traffic injection using PSXSeeconTraffic). They aren't used at the same time. To display the 'callsign' the former uses the airline and flightnumber and the latter uses the tail number. I would like to change the info with two different keys, rather than have to go into the menu system. I noticed that a previous version of FSUIPC allowed doing this, but I can't find any references in the latest version. Am I missing it or has it gone? Any chance of reintroducing it? [FS2004] Controls to switch AI Traffic labels on or off, or to change the label contents. For the latter you need to provide a parameter with the value specifying which items of data the labels should include. Calculate the parameter by adding together the values from this list: 1 Manufacturer 2 Model 4 Tail number 8 Altitude 16 Airspeed 32 Heading 64 Airline 128 Airline + Flight number 256 Route 512 Reference number 1024 Multiplayer name (?) Cheers, Charlie K
  14. Hi Volker, When I start FSC the Terminal Control Areas are always displayed even though they are turned off by default in the Map/Airspaces menu. I have to turn them on then off again for them to disappear. Also, when I view normal AI traffic I see the airline and flight number (eg. LUFTHANSA 908) on both FSC and on the traffic labels in P3D. I sometimes use some software called PSXSeeconTraffic which allows realtime traffic in P3D. When I'm using this I can only see the airline with no flight number in FSC (eg. LUFTHANSA) but I can still see the airline and flight number on the traffic labels in P3D. I'm not sure what parameters you are displaying for AI traffic or whether it would solve the issue, but would you consider a set of options so the user can choose what they see in the AI Traffic label, maybe similar to the settings menu in Traffic Toolbox. Thanks for reading, Charlie K
  15. Hi Roman, Thanks for your help. Can this be done over WideFS on a separate computer? Cheers, Charlie

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