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  1. kickerpicker


    Dick, Yes, I do use SC 23 to run all my airports, KCLT included, and it made all the difference in the world when I did run it for CLT. And, no I am NOT getting SWD in SC 23. It's just in the default schedule that they occur. But, on the other hand, there are very few, if any American Airlines that show up on the default schedule, but there should be because American is the major airline out of Charlotte now. I will do as you say and eliminate the SWD airline. You haven't steered me wrong yet! Thanks for the help. Roy
  2. kickerpicker


    TOWER11 I am getting this airline at KCLT: SWD, A4, SOUTHERN WINDS, Southern Winds Airlines, Argentina Not occasionally, but constantly.. Microsoft ANNA pronounces this airline as "Southern Wind (as in 'wind' a watch)" With SC 23 there is NO SWD airlines, but an abundance of American Airlines, which is as it should be. Anybody else experience this? Is there a fix?
  3. kickerpicker

    Runway Holding Position

    Gareth, Many thanks for all the instruction and most of all, your patience with me. With your last message, the procedure made sense and I DID successfully get it to make a new taxiway with a holding post in the correct spot!!! After saving it, I went in and worked a northwest flow from KORD and the traffic routed to RW 32L for takeoff stopped at the gate, AS THEY SHOULD, making the exercise realistic. Again, thank you! Roy
  4. kickerpicker

    Runway Holding Position

    Your quote: " Now on the map use your right mouse button and draw a new taxiway following the center line jacking sure each end Crosse's the center line of the joining taxiway showing with a black dot or knot. Whilst your drawing the new taxiway make sure you put a right click on each hold line as you pass it. " THIS is the part that is NOT working for me, for whatever reason.. I do OK up to this point. I place the cursor at the extreme west end of where taxiway "M" used to be, to prepare to drag the cursor to my right, down the taxiway. I click the RIGHT mouse button and a red light comes on there, but that light is not always lined up on the taxiway center line. So I delete that effort and start all over. I've started all over at least a dozen times. On those one or two occasions when I DO get a yellow line appearing on the entire length of the taxiway, that's all I get. A thin yellow line!!! It has a green dot at one end and a red dot at the other. I try to "SAVE" that, but the taxiway is still gone. No new taxiway and certainly no holding post. The dexterity required to try and draw a line with a mouse while I'm trying to hold the right click button down the entire length of the taxiway is next to impossible for me, or I am misunderstanding the entire procedure. I hate to be a pest, and I really do appreciate that you are truly trying to help me, but there is a lot about this that I just don't know.. Roy
  5. kickerpicker

    Runway Holding Position

    I am totally frustrated with this holding problem on 32L at KORD!! First of all, the black dots.. I am not sure about the black dots. I have RED dots, but I don't believe that is what you are referring to. I have magnified the area in question. I have about 5 blue lines crossing TW "M" near the entry to RW 32L, none of which halts the traffic going to that RW. When I try, as you suggested, to remove these blue lines (GATES????) they do not go away. Nor do they stop any traffic! Now I have blue lines on TW "M" between TW "T" and RW 32L.. Some go straight across the runway and some are at an angle. That doesn't seem correct. Is there no way to "UNDO" a mistake here? I hesitate to try and fix it again, because I would hate to ruin the airport with an erroneous fix. I'm thinking that I may have to reload the Chicago airport and start afresh. What are your suggestions? Roy
  6. kickerpicker

    Runway Holding Position

    Gareth, I have a holding post on TW "T" now, and the airplanes stop there, but it is too far from the runway. There is also a holding post on TW "M" which serves the purpose of holding the traffic from taxiing onto the runway (32L) just fine. I have tried to figure out how to REMOVE or DELETE the holding gate on TW "T", but I've had no luck and I'm afraid I'll screw something up with my limited knowledge. Is there a way to eliminate the hold on TW "T" at 32L? I'm really learning as I go here, and you guys have been a wealth of information for me. Roy
  7. kickerpicker

    Runway Holding Position

    I'm not sure I understand this FIX... I followed the instructions up to where I was supposed select a taxiway in the "right hand list" (???). I selected "T" on my list and hit 'edit' and RED dots showed up along the taxiway, not black ones. By this point I'm confused about what I'm supposed to do. I selected and clicked on a red dot near taxiway "N". The dot turned GREEN.. I dragged that GREEN dot to the entry of taxiway "N". It was the only dot nearby that would drag. At that point I selected "two way" and entered "14R,32L". There was no way to 'enter' that information, so I checked "ADD". When I went back to the game, I had the same problem. Every airplane taxiing to 32L taxied right onto the runway from taxiway "T" without stopping at the gate.. I tried this 3 different time without success. Roy
  8. kickerpicker


    Thank you Kev... I have avoided the PHX west flow for that reason since I made this observation.. Anything you can do to help would certainly be appreciated. Do you have the Chicago Airport (KORD)?? I'm having a wee problem sending departures to runway 32L. They do NOT stop at the holding post!! When they arrive at the approach end for take off, they just taxi right onto the runway without clearance. Not a great problem, but that's not supposed to be that way it's supposed to be. Not in real life, anyway. But, in real life the airplanes REQUEST take off clearance, but I can understand why this is not feasible in this program. Thanks for the help, by the way. You have already helped me out of a couple of problems and I appreciate it. Roy
  9. kickerpicker

    (Tower 2011) KMIA 08R Issues

    Worked like a charm!! Tower 2011 Chicago O'Hare, aircraft taxiing to Runways 32L and 32R taxi onto the runway upon arrival at the runway without clearance. Has this been a problem for anyone else? And if so, is there a fix, as simple as the LAX and MIA single digit runway problem? Roy
  10. kickerpicker


    Any landing traffic at KPHX Rwy 26 that rolls out far enough down the runway to exit at taxiway B5 will over run this exit and just sit on the runway! This necessitates the controller to have to issue two (2) commands to get the aircraft clear of the runway in order to direct him/her to the terminal. Whichever command is issued, makes no difference, because the aircraft will only clear the runway on the first command, then stop again. The second command then gets him/her going toward the terminal, but only if the airplane is fully stopped.. Issuing taxi instructions to aircraft rolling out on Rwy 26 will not work for long roll aircraft intending to exit at TW B5. It is a procedure that gets the aircraft safely off the runway for the impending landing of the following aircraft to that runway. If there is still someone sitting on RW26 just past TW B5, the following aircraft will go around. KPHX can get a bit busy on the west flow and this problem will cause you some missed approaches. Roy
  11. kickerpicker

    Tower: Schedule Creator 24 V1 Released (Includes CYYZ)

    Run as Administrator. I do that ordinarily, but when I ran your new SC 19 V1 yesterday for KIAD traffic, in my excitement I inadvertently ran it without going through "Run as Administrator". Can I fix this or do I need to? Thanks for the new schedule, Dick. It really puts the "onions in the gravy" for this simulation. Roy
  12. kickerpicker

    Tower: Schedule Creator 24 V1 Released (Includes CYYZ)

    Dick, Any plans for including KPHX flights in your schedule creator? Roy
  13. kickerpicker

    KJFK Exit ramp DB

    At Kennedy Airport, when working arrivals to runway 13L, landing aircraft that exit the runway to the right at DB will not "taxi to terminal" until they are issued this command twice. Anyone else notice that? Roy
  14. kickerpicker

    Frankfurt Add on

    Frankfort airport has to be the most challenging of the addon's that I've worked... First of all, there seems to be no airport chart for the field layout available, although I finally found one on the internet.. It's fairly accurate, but not like the Flight Aware charts that come with the others. The set up for recovery has to be the exact combination. For instance, landing aircraft on 25R and departing aircraft on 25C will get you an air collision every time, even though the aircraft don't really come that close to each other. However, departing aircraft on 25L will work OK with 25R recoveries. Even with specific taxi routing instructions, there are some aircraft that simply will not take the assigned routing and will drive straight into other taxiing aircraft. With the quantity of traffic at this airport, it keeps you on your toes constantly, more so than any other airport I've worked. The set up combination that works best for me, with the least difficulty is: Landing 07L, then taxi to terminal via P - L Depart 18, taxi via N Depart 07C, taxi via N Depart 07R, taxi via M The conflict at the ramp exits and entries have to be realized way ahead of time in order to avoid ground collisions. Even with all that, some of the aircraft just taxi whichever way they take a notion to.. I'm totally hooked on this great airport and it's the one that takes up most of my game time. Roy Roy
  15. kickerpicker

    Follow Company

    Thank you for that. It sure expedites the outbound traffic, but at a price!!

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