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  1. I am agree the good one is H:AS3000_TSC_Horizontal_BottomKnob_Small_DEC and not H:AS3000_TSC_Horizontal_1_BottomKnob_Small_DEC so the HVAR in the previous post for the TBM930 is not good. And I finally to lake all this work ! Thanks for help
  2. I will try again this evening, I also use the WT mod for the G3000 and a mod for performance
  3. Did you succeed to use the knob for the map with fsuipc (? H:AS3000_TSC_Horizontal_1_BottomKnob_Small_DEC) For me it does not work, do you use a spécifical paramter ? same question for H:AS3000_PFD_1_SOFTKEYS_1 (It work with mobiflight wasm but not with fsuipc wasm module)
  4. Yes that it the Crew Alerting System (the window where alerts appears) In fact the LVAR Generic_Master_Caution_Active only light on and off the switch but do nothing with all the rest (no CAS reseting and the alert sound doesn't stop) So we have to wait for ASOBO for one day maybe having this key binding..
  5. Unfortunatly Generic_Master_Caution_Active and Generic_Master_Warning_Active don't really work It will shut off the light of the master caution and warning switch but will do nothing on the CAS (the light stay flashing)..
  6. If I do in Fsuipc Add On/Wasm/list Hvars nothing appears..(for the TBM930) But it exist in mobifight but I am not sure it is a HVAR
  7. I succedd to make it work Thanks for help I have use two macro, one for warning and one for caution: 1=L:Generic_Master_Caution_Active=Set I would like to do the same with AS3000_MFD_SOFTKEYS_1 (I use this with mobiflight WASm module), I suppose this is not a LVAR but a HVAR ? I trie also a macro but for the moment it does not work (with and without value) 1=H:AS3000_MFD_SOFTKEYS_1 =Set
  8. thank for answer I did not succeed to erase the picture after my post🙂
  9. Sorry But it does not work (nothing happen) with the g1000 event. I have a events.txt in C:\Users\Guillaume\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community\mobiflight-event-module\modules I have a GNS3000.evt in c\fsuipc (last version) I have programme fsuipc Does it work for you in the TBM930 ? GNS3000.evt events.txt
  10. "I got my push button to turn the Caution off directly from Mobiflight by declaring the constant in the modules." Hello I would like to map a physical button for the master caution warning and alert in the TBM930 . For the moment I use FSUICP7 with the mobiflightmodule WASM and the event file. But there is nothing for these buttons Can you explain how you did this ?
  11. Hello Unfortunately This one does not exist for the G3000 I try all these and they don't work (I use Mobiflight wasm and the event file for fsuipc) 171=MobiFlight.AS3000_TSC_Horizontal_TopKnob_Large_INC 172=MobiFlight.AS3000_TSC_Horizontal_TopKnob_Large_DEC 173=MobiFlight.AS3000_TSC_Horizontal_TopKnob_Small_INC 174=MobiFlight.AS3000_TSC_Horizontal_TopKnob_Small_DEC 175=MobiFlight.AS3000_TSC_Horizontal_TopKnob_Push_Long 176=MobiFlight.AS3000_TSC_Horizontal_TopKnob_Push 177=MobiFlight.AS3000_TSC_Horizontal_BottomKnob_Small_INC 178=MobiFlight.AS3000_TSC_Horizontal_Bot
  12. Hello I am looking for the event to move the knob of the GTC580 for the G3000 (for the TBM930): to zoom the map . I try all the event possible (with knob inside) and they don't work Is all the event are working ? 187=MobiFlight.AS3000_TSC_Vertical_TopKnob_Large_DEC
  13. Hello Pete thank you for your answer ! if all is normal I am conforted
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