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  1. Cheers Thomas - that seems to work fine 😃 Many thanks, Ian
  2. I've written my own upper EICAS that shows the current throttle lever positions on the N1 gauges (0-100%). This helps me sync my throttle levers to the auto-throttle settings before I disconnect it. This works perfectly for the default 737 but for the default 747 I get unexpected results. I've calibrated (and use) throttle axis 1 and 2 via FSUIPC and I've used the options pages of FSUIPC to map 1-<12, 2->34 for the 747 profile (the profile specific box is checked). However for the default 747 although throttle 1 correctly maps engines 1 & 2 as 0-100%, throttle 2 maps engines 3 & 4 as 50%-100% - they never goes below half when throttle lever 2 is fully closed. I've dumped the raw data from offsets 3332-3336 and with my throttles closed I get 0, 0, 8192, 8192 (as opposed to 0,0 for the 737). Anyone know where I'm going wrong? For info I'm using Prepar3D v4.3 with payware FSUIPC v5 on Window 7 64 bit. Thanks for any suggestions and apologies if I'm being a dufus! Regards Ian
  3. Solved it! The Flight Model\General slider in the Settings\Realism menu appears to affect the battery. Anything less than the halfway mark and the battery stays fully charged. Thanks for the input Pete - I suspected FSUIPC was innocent in all this but thought I should throw it out there. Regards Ian
  4. This has me stumped - would be grateful for any ideas from any of you out there! I have a new installation of FSX on my Office PC for testing purposes. There's nothing fancy about it, it's simply FSX Acceleration with no add-ons except FSUIPC. When I shut down the default 737's engines with the start levers they spool down to zero on N1 and N2 but when I switch to battery power the battery never drains. I've left it for over an hour and it's still at 24v and 37amps. Just to try to drain it I've got all the lights on and the pitot/anti-ice heaters are blazing away, the APU is off, the engines are off and the power selector is set to 'BATT', but nothing seems to drain it. I've double-checked and the FSUIPC option to keep the battery alive is not checked so I'm baffled. What did I miss? Cheers Ian
  5. Ah, that explains it. Many thanks Pete - most useful! Regards Ian
  6. Thanks Pete, unfortunately they only seem to have 88 bytes and I need a min 90 and pref up to 200 bytes. Are there other areas I can use that won't trample over vPilot/Squawkbox/FSInn and ActiveSky? (Not sure if they all use custom offsets!). Regards Ian
  7. Hi Pete, I've revamped my flight instrument software and it now uses a lot of custom offets (about 90 so far). I wondered if you could point me to a block of addresses in FSUIPC that are currently free (say 150-200 to allow for expansion)? I'm not after you allocating these to me as l'll never put my software on the market (it's too bespoke), but it would be useful to know that I won't be sharing offsets with other software that I might use eg vPilot. Thanks for anything you can pass on, no worries if you can't - I'll use the first chunk of x6D88. Regards Ian
  8. Hi Pete, this is a real stab in the dark but maybe you can help. I'm trying to write a driver for my GoFlight MCP Pro and I noticed that you wrote GFDisplay a while back. The SDK has long since vanished from the GoFlight website but it occured to me that you might have a copy of the documentation for it lying about? I need the calling conventions for each entry point in GFDev.DLL. Am expecting a "No" but thought I'd ask :o) Regards Ian
  9. OK, too bad. Thank all the same. Nope, Wideview reads the tailnumbers and uses them to match up the liveries, I'm just interested in feeding it the data it's expecting Ah, rats. OK. That is bad news from this perspective. See previous reply Of course. I'm asking you this stuff so that I'm better equipped to continue my conversation with him. Interesting point - I'll pass it to Luciano. Ian
  10. Hi Peter, obviously it's early days yet (but not too early for Microsoft to post an advert on their site!). http://www.microsoft.com/games/flight/ Do you have any info about it yet? (Will FSUIPC be compatible with the new Flight Sim?) Cheers Ian
  11. Hi Pete, Just a quick note of thanks for putting in the bit switches for the hydraulic pumps. They work fine and make things much easier from my perspective! All the best Ian
  12. Hi Sascha, hi Volker I realise the next version may be well into the testing phase, but if you're still accepting ideas for fixes can you tweak the 'paste' function in the route string dialog? If I right-click and select PASTE, my clipboard text is inserted at the cursor. But if I'm typing in the route string box and press CTRL+V (to paste an enroute segment from the VATSIM route finder) it replaces the entire contents of the box rather than just inserting my route segments, so I lose what I just typed. Not a major flaw but it'd be nice if you could take a look! All the best Ian
  13. Hehe, not at all disappointed, and thanks for such a full explanation! All the best Ian
  14. Hi Sascha, hi Volker! Would it be possible for FSC to automatically add a user waypoint representing TOD? The flight plan already contains a cruising FL and we know the 'rule of three' means that TOD is going to be roughly 3 x the cruise FL but it'd be really useful if FSC could insert it for us! Just a thought, All the best Ian
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