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  1. Bill, I emailed you a PM with the content of the terrain.cfg file. Thanks,
  2. Bill, I replaced the files by the ones provided by you but the problem remains. Nothing changed. Anyhow, I appreciate your efforts. Maybe in the future it can be fixed. Being a freeware scenery I do not think is fair to ask for more support. Looking forward to seeing your first commercial add-on. Thanks,
  3. Dear Bill, Any directions for you on how to proceed? Is this somehting I can get fixed by myself? Thanks, Daniel
  4. Hi Bill, Thanks for your reply. I am running boxed FSX SP2, DX10 (patched with Steve's Fixer). I appreciate your support. Daniel
  5. Hello, I am facing a strange problem with the scenery. The airway at the sea plane port looks "solid and visible". I do not know a better way to explain it. I adjusted the settings according to the manual but the problem is still present. I do not know how to attach a picture to my post. However, I uploaded a screenshot here https://goo.gl/photos/nFpthFsQTrzAaU9U6 Any suggestion? Thanks, Daniel