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  1. Hi Luis Thanks for your help, but i know this (run database builder before) , but the problem is when I open everything the windows I describe appear, it is for me impossible to execute everything, every program I want to start, fsc main windows with the error message appear. it seems if all the .exe files of my computer, start fsc. for exemple I clic the icon "my documents" fsc start with the window error (i describe).
  2. I'm using windows XP and fs2004 and widefs, (I had used fsc8 before with the network (FS on 1 machine and FSC8 on second machine it works very well), I install in a new folder fsc 9(in program files, because i have not vista or seven) and after restart computer, I only have a window saying : databases for flight simulator 2004 missing or incomplete! Please choose different FS version or run Database Manager first! I have a big big problem !! because it is impossible to start any orther program (to explore, or to try to uninstall, open the setting panel to try to uninstall ) every time I click on a icon or a program from start, fsc9 start with this window "database etc..." . I hope you can help me. it seems like a virus, a window is always appear. In the start menu I dont see in the folder of FSC a uninstall :( thanks for help jean-Pierre
  3. Hi Volker, I understand now, you learn me this, :D :D many many tks for your help :D :D jean-Pierre
  4. Hi Sacha, The problem is resolved, I want to know why it doesn't work !! and with my best friend the member of this forum "Foxgolfbravo" we try together, and the problem happened because the difference to create the flightplan. I create the flight plan, and enter the point to search in the field "Waipoint" with blue background on the right. I enter the airway too, and I can see on the left inside the plan on the table (exemple plan ENGM / EHAM) Ski-->UP602(high alt) Ves-->UN873(high alt) Juist-->UP174(high alt) Eelde, this plan create, entering each point and each route via the field of the right with blue light background, exported as IVAO flightplan, it give what I explain to you DCT between each point. My friend said to me to try using "show route string" and I enter each point and each airway inthe field of route string, and clicking OK, all the points of airways are include automatically in the table, and exporting as IVAO flightplan, the plan is correct, only with DCT at begining and DCT at the end . :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Thanks to try to help me, now all is all right Jean-Pierre
  5. hi, I don't understand why you dont understand me, I create a fp on fsc, i add fix, and airways and the result is always that i explain to you, DCT between each points. Dont lose time for me forget my question, I'll search plan on routefinder, and I'll copy/paste fp inside ivap fp, it will more simple than delete all DCT in my fp the best would be to use fsc, but if not possible i use antother way for ivap fp :(
  6. Hi Volker, Happy new year :D OK I see your plan, but sorry , I confirm, I'll try again, I open the ivao file after save : [FLIGHTPLAN] DEPICAO=EHAM ROUTE=DCT ANDIK DCT VES DCT TOR DCT DESTICAO=ENGM ALTICAO= I use the last version of FSC, you can see it doen't write the route name like your plan. thanks Jean-Pierre
  7. Hello, Is it possible to set myself the format of IVAO flight plan exported from FSC ? Because in the IVAO flight plan exported from FSC, between each point there is DCT. For exemple LFPG to EHAM NURMO UN874 VEKIN UN873 FERDI UG110 DENUT you have after export NURMO DCT VEKIN DCT FERDI DCT DENUT If not possible to correct ourself, Hi Developpers, if you are agree with me, do you think it would be possible to not have DCT after each point of the route in IVAO flight plans , in a future version of FSC? thanks a lot happy new year to all :D Jean-Pierre (LFTW)
  8. Hi Volker, Thanks for help, to resolve my problem you said to me by email : You have mounted the folder of the flightsimulator. Thats wrong. You must mounting the whole drive where your flightsimulator is installed. Then select from this mounted drive the folder of the flightsimulator in the options -> Flight Plan It is right, I do wrong, I follow your advise, and it is working very well thanks again Best regards Jean-Pierre
  9. Hello, I have an error, for importing flight plan as a level-d . the error message said : "flight plan cannot be saved because FS Path unknown! Please specifiy FS Path in option window" . I done that !!!! C:/FS2004 but the message still appear, all other export format are good (fsinn ivao etc ...). I dont undersand why it do this (I have the last version fsc 8.4) If a dévelloper read and reply me, I have another question, I have Wilco/FeelThere A320 series, do you think in future, it will be possible to export to this format ? thanks for help best regards Jean-Pierre
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